Skinny jeans have been one of the hottest denim styles, for any body shape unless you are super skinny and almost a stick like. If you’re plus size and super curvy, you can look amazingly good with skinny jeans – right fit, right style and right balance will flatter your womanly curvy body shape.

Look for the Right Size
Get jeans that fit your right. Do not purchase jeans smaller in size and try to fit into it. Your skinny jeans should be comfortable enough to walk and sit. It should not be bulging at the sides and at the tummy area.

Wear Middle or High Waisted Jeans
Middle and High Waisted jeans, pants and skirts are in trend now. It’s a perfect wear for the full and curvy body shapes as it would accentuate your best body parts and tugs away the tummy and deficiencies area around the waist area.

Classic Dark Blue or Black shades makes you look slimmer instantly.

Have Fun Layering and Add Textures
Get into shirts, light material sweaters or cardigans or blazers that fall over middle of your hips and not lower as this would create a balance between the lower and upper body.

Play up with accessories and this is just another way to draw attention.

Accentuate Your Waist
Balance your upper and lower part of your body by accentuating your waistline – use belts, use tops that ties a ribbon knot around the waistline or tie a shirt or sportswear around the waist for more sporty style

Choose the Right Footwear
Avoid anything bulky or heavy look including heavy straps as this will make you look bigger. Go for neutral shades or same shade as jeans which will make you look more elegant and slimmer.