Don’t Eat the Marshmallows now, and I will give you more later!

Oh boy, this is a difficult one!

(watch the video, the kids are funny)

I don’t know, I might wait or I might eat now.

It is a test to show how one acts in the absence of authority.

We are told – rules are rules, once set it is our responsibility to follow or respect them regardless anybody is watching them or not.

They say that following rules will help us nudge away from the basic impulses that distract us from what we are supposed to do.

On the flip side, let’s not deny the fact we all have broken the rules.

I have trespassed, and when somebody says no, I said let’s give it a go, as another Malaysian, I speed when I see the “yellow” light and many more.

Did I regret it, yes, a few ☹

And I have learned sometimes, it is better to stick to the rules

What about you?