psychology-of-color-banner The color theory has two groups; one from red, orange to yellow which is the warm color and the second one is from green, violet to blue which is the cool color. The psychology of color theory is about creating harmony in us and around us. We apply the theory on our self daily by using colors that matches our skin tone, colors to style and accessorize, using colors to communicate the message of emotions, the message we want to deliver or what we want others to perceive.   The same psychology of color theory is applied in floral decoration. A floral arrangement is normally completed based on a few factors – size of the container or vase that determines the size and shape of the complete floral design; the combination of different flowers by color, size and scent that creates style, balance and interest to the floral design; adding of the fillers and leaves completes the final accessories to the floral arrangement; this at the end instantly lifts the mood and rejuvenates the surroundings and person who receives it.   In a floral decoration, grouping of specific hues and /or combination of different values within one hue creates a balance harmonious floral arrangement. Not forgetting to mention that green in foliage is often considered neutral in a floral design. Foliage is also used as a focal point to create color harmony. All floral arrangement has one of these combinations below which are similar to the human theory of color system regardless if they are warm or cool skin tone.

  1. Monochromatic color harmony
  2. Polychromatic color harmony
  3. Analogous color harmony
  4. Complementary color harmony
  5. Split Complementary color harmony
  6. Double, Triad or Tetrad color harmony

  Floral arrangement is for anybody who likes creativity, colours, scent, shapes, flower lovers and for those who likes to express emotions with floral colors. You don’t need any special academic qualification to be a floral designer, do it as a hobby, work for a florist or just start a business of your own.   Dalya Valley provides floral design lessons from basic to professional levels to suit your interest. The courses are suitable for absolute beginners and intermediates to learn floristry from simple to elaborate, traditional and modern designs. We provide step by step instructions on how to create a stunning floral design by teaching you the types of flowers and foliages to use together to create harmony and lasting impression. It’s so easy once you know how.