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Professional and Personal Branding – “ A Brand Called You”.

Civility reflects to how you present yourself at an organization and among your peers at work with focus on social intelligence and culturally-competent communication.

We are  a leading expert for Civility Transformation in  Behavior and in Image offering trainings, solutions and assessments for both at the organization and individual level.

It is generally accepted that “The success of an individual lies in their personal brand image and behavior they portray. The success of a company lies in its most valuable resource, which is the people who represents the company as their brand- Geeva Samynathan”.

In reality, research is showing otherwise today  – “Why People Change Jobs? More than 75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself. People don’t quit jobs or organizations they quit bosses”.

Today the workplace culture has been compromised and standing up for civility and social decency is becoming difficult when peers turn a  blind eye.

Are you experiencing  this at workplace or at a social scene, YES sign of Incivility:

  • Lack of Social Intelligence : Communication
  • Toxic Employees such as  gossips and rudeness at workplace
  • Low work morale culture such as no team support and no show-up for work
  • Cultural  Diversity  in Generation Gap
  • Culture  Diversity and Globalization  Gap
  • Uncivil Workplace Culture
  • Not Dressing Up and Poor Self Image
  • Business and Social Mannerism
  • Non-verbal Communication: Body Language

Our approach is to set a new social competencies and measurement to understand how moral disagreements become uncivil, and how we can recommend changes that can get people out of unproductive, uncivil disagreement. We build a culture of civility in your workplace as a solution to increase work place engagement, to increase profitability and staff retention.

With that Ectaa offers its services both in Malaysia and other Asia Pacific countries with an aim to cultivate individual self performance, self image and self behavior by encouraging confidence and success within a person and organization.