I enjoy being stylish and paying attention to my appearance since young. That got me very interested in the line of beauty by starting up my own Freelance Make up and styling services, Drez2Dazzle. Sometimes I get remarks like ‘Hey you look slimmer, you lost weight?” or “You look tired, are you well?” I would know instantly that it’s got to do with the color or the clothing’s that I am in.I have read about how colours and the right materials and tailoring will make you look awesome and exuberates vibrancy and I was glad to find Geeva’s Ectaa ad on Facebook and upon browsing through her page and her website, I knew I had to contact her right away and get my personal fashion and colours aligned.

Geeva’s warm and professional personality gave me the confidence to trust her services on our first meet and her deep knowledge and experience in the area of Fashion and Colour. The consultation in identifying my undertones and the right colours were fun and educational. I was amazed to see, as she drapes various colours on me, how some colours lifted my features, made my skin tone brighter and at times even my teeth appears whiter!! That’s how powerful and influential colours are.

Upon receiving a detailed 139 paged report on my personal fashion and colours which to my delight was a perfect guide to the right sleeves, collars, clothing materials and colours which would make me look good in line with my body shape, personality (Oh … did I mention the package also includes personality test!), skin undertone and face shape. I could breathe in relieve when I was also told that I actually don’t have to discard any pieces from my wardrobe even if they were the wrong colour or fashion as she guided me how I could make it right by accessorizing or matching them with the right scarves, overcoats etc. It was truly inspiring as I believe that anyone could look fabulous given the right pick of colours and fashion. These days, I carry my swatches in my bag as a guide for me to choose the right colours when I shop for clothing and accessories. Ectaa made it easy for me to carry the swatches everywhere, as it came with a Malaysian style hand made pouch, how easy!

Now I not only have had the pleasure of Geeva’s expertise in Fashion and colours, but I am also excited in her being my mentor in my journey to be an Image Consultant. I will be completing my course with ByFerial & Ectaa for their premium online Image Consultancy training and mentoring.

A note to women reading this article, I suggest that you consider a session for yourself, it’s worth it, because you are worth it!

Pramila Devi Sandrasagran

Event Stylist, Drez2Dazzle

I am into fashion, colours and clothing but often did not know or understand the colours that suit me or even the type of clothes which would compliment my figure. Approaching Geeva Samynathan from Ectaa was certainly a great experience, as I understood the importance of every element of a physical structure and how colours play a vital role.

I am very much a tall figure; with of course certain imperfections that makes me not to wear certain clothes or colours that would in fact be perfect for me.

I learned about the world of colours. For example, I was always into silver, and loved it very much. But after the consultation, I realise how Gold highlights my features on my face and certainly brings out the shine and glow in me. Silver on the other hand hides my features and does not bring out the best.

When it comes to clothes, I now take the opportunity to wear brighter colours that I was not very prone to before. As I am a pure autumn as per the session I had with Ectaa, I now play with colours that I already have. I simply mix and match with the scarves I have, the accessories and even a headgear to compliment the whole perspective that I wish to portray.

I am also very thankful for the colour swatches that I have received, as it is now my personal shopper wherever I go. It helps me chose the right colour of outfit and of course gives me the opportunity to mix and match as well.

The services offered by Ectaa are very organised, structured and clear. It gives you a whole new definition of what you are and also simultaneously empowering you. You would understand how to shape yourself up, and also gives you that everlasting confidence.

I am also pleased with the portrait photography session offered by Ectaa. It allows me to express myself in the most comfortable and natural way. I learned professional photography and also lifestyle photography, in a basic manner that truly brought out the character in me.

I would like to personally thank Ms. Geeva in offering me this amazing opportunity that has certainly opened my eyes into the world of image consulting that certainly plays a very important role in our lives today. We often try to project a different image of ourselves to the society, but the image we have naturally is the most beautiful and unique one.

Dharshini Theivasigamany

Public Relation Consultant

I approached Geeva Samynathan of Ectaa’s services as I liked what she said in her website “we help you create your brand which is YOU” – I didn’t want to be transformed into a brand which depicted someone else; I wanted to enhance MY own branding. Geeva was great as she took the trouble to get to know me – my personality and understand my preferences, my lifestyle and what I shy away from or dislike. That was great as most other personal image consultants I’ve met, focus on trying to tell me what I should be, which is really not me.

The color swatch was an eye opener and today I am more aware of the colours that make me look good, fresh & vibrant yet elegant. I carry the swatches in my handbag now and even my daughter is begging me to arrange for the colour test for her. She has even memorized the names of all my colours.

With my personal guide manual and with Geeva’s explanation and advice, I am paying more attention now to the styles & patterns of clothes so that it makes me look slimmer. I used to choose baggy clothes as it is more comfortable and felt it hid my fat well, but now I choose comfortably fitting clothes and people have come up to say that I have lost weight. The important element I have learnt in styling my clothes is the fact that it highlights best features and hiding my worse. I even received advice on my undergarments and have invested in some better, more comfortable pieces. And I got my hair colour changed to a warmer colour – I look more alive and awake now they say.

I used to rush through dressing and grab whatever I feel is suitable for the occasion. But now I think ahead, planning and caring about what I wear so that it showcases me at my best (I still have not reached there yet as I still need to clear out my wardrobe of all the black’s and grey’s  I’ve been collecting over the years and to add in more coloured pieces), but I do mix & match my clothes better now – I add in splashes of colour –and I always get compliments daily of how good I look now, how they love a single outstanding piece of accessory I’m wearing. I am remembered more these days as I am more confident of wearing more daring yet tasteful colours.

Overall I am more aware of who I am and about the brand I want to display. It’s going to be a journey of clearing out my wardrobe and investing in the right pieces. And not just buying a piece because it’s black, safe and on sale.

I was impressed with everything offered by Ectaa – the process was systematic and clear. Geeva made the sessions very private and personal. It is normally intimidating to bare all to a consultant, but Geeva very tactfully, carefully and comfortably probed, understood and consulted me so that I would understand, learn and be comfortable too to share and ask any questions I had. Geeva’s encouraging, warm & bubbly personality made the entire process very comforting. Her emails reconfirming appointments and providing all the necessary details very clearly made the entire process very easy and comforting to go through.

I am now looking forward to a session on make-up as I’m lousy at that.

Thank you Ectaa and Geeva  for a wonderful, educational, encouraging and uplifting consultation. It is one that brings immediate visible results yet also brings lifetime benefits.

I would strongly recommend it for everyone who wants to portray a stronger brand that is YOU.

Sandra Anne Ghouse

Director & Principal Consultant, Ventrax Management Sdn Bhd

“Color coding & personal style consultation seems general & acceptable word, but I have no clue how the whole process gives an impact to my day to day life. Until my personal session with Geeva Samynathan, the process revealed the importance of why I am strongly recommending for every modern women to invest for the service. It makes me realise, how I neglected the special gift I have and my look, my body and my personality throughput out my adult life.

Forget about how other people perceive you, you can make some people happy about your improved appearance and you also can make other people unhappy about the development. It is all about the connection every woman should have with themselves. Because we always think of what other people think about us, we neglect what we feel truly about what we want, who we are, what is it that we actually love about life.

The colour coding session allowed me to feel confident with the colours that harmonise my skin tone. It is completely a physical action; however, it gives me solution to the emotion. I am now aware which colour is right and walking tall knowing I look good with my colour. At least I know that I look pleasant for other people to look at! It is such a confidence elevation!

The importance of fashion & style allows me to be completely aware of my body shape. We always fall for a nice outfit that looks great on a model or mannequin, but not realising the fashion is not actually our personality and style. With the guidance from the e-book on fashion & style, we definitely save the money from purchasing a wrong line of clothing!

From inside out, there is somewhere to start from. It is totally up to me, and I choose to get help to make myself feel good. Every woman should do this too!”

The session with Geeva was amazing. She made me feel comfortable, warm and her explanations were easy and practical to apply. She has guided me to dress for my personality. I feel like a brand new woman today, not forgetting very confident and stylish too.

These are the changes to my daily appearance after my consultation with Geeva.

1.  I take a few minutes to think about the color to mix and match my daily outfit. Most importantly I understand that the “hijab” color must be a perfect match to my skin tone as it is very close to my face.

2.  I feel more confident in putting on some colors that I hardly put on before.

3.  It gives me a sense of excitement every time I go out, when I can select and play more with the color and my existing outfits. I take a lot effort to ensure that that I apply a minimum amount of makeup which at the end of the day enlightens my features, body and giving me that extra boost of confidence.

4.  Color swatches are definitely a big help when I am in doubt of the color- to use or buy. I also realized that using the correct colors make me look fresh instantly.

5.  My existing wardrobe selection has 80% of the color that I can wear and matches me after the color coding session. Not much to throw or to replace. Most of what I reorganize are the “hijab” as the selections are more critical in terms of color and materials.

6.  I would like to spend more on accessories in the near future as I recently changed the way I put my “hijab”, perhaps more of bangles, cuffs and ring.





Shuhada Hasim

Portrait Artist and Photography Trainer & Lecturer, Beyond Photography

Communication at the Workplace

Never knew online training can be so fun and learnable. Learned so much and in every module, we have new tools to use. The session was very impactful and made communication easy to understand. Geeva tells stories that relate to real-life experiences!

CIPM, Sri Lanka

Customer Experience with Social IQ

The training was interactive with many online training tools use. There was no dull moment. Love Geeva’s voice and the way she articulated. She made online learning fun.

Prudential (Agency)

Build a Stronger Workplace Relationship

The trainer's personality and charisma were amazing. The sessions were way practical for us to implement immediately and this will reflect in a more positive work environment.

GEMS Malaysia

Professional Image

I love this program because now I know how to dress professionally. Madam Geeva had a very good command of her subject matter. She made the session very interactive by picking out relatable examples and involving the participation of everyone in the classroom.

ASEAN Banking School

Managing People

The course gives a basic understanding of how to interact with colleagues at work. It helps me understand my colleagues better and how to effectively communicate with them. The trainer connected at an individual level and I thought she was a psychologist or something.

GEMS Singapore

Social IQ and Civility at Workplace

The training has helped to build confidence and relationship at the workplace and at the same time cultivated good behavior that helps preserve the norms for mutual respect at the workplace. We have learned how to work together with people of different personalities. We also have learned to understand that however different we are all working toward one common goal.

Smart Reader Worldwide, Malaysia

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