People Say Old is Gold!

This includes the old but gold, green telephone booth. The little girl came out of me and I remembered the days when this used to be a huge hit!

It was my go-to place when I needed to call especially my boyfriends, my parents for a ride home, and calling from the famous red phone booth in London. I surely didn’t mind standing there long hours and smiling away.

Ya, you may not see it in many places today but you are lucky if you spot one. This one was right outside a school.

Since technology is ever evolving, everyone has a mobile phone. We use it to connect with anyone, anytime.

I get panic when my mobile phone has no signal, a flat battery, or my phone just refuses to respond – I sincerely wish there was a public phone around as it will surely get the job done!

It’s just like the generation gap between Boomers and Gen Z.

Yes, Gen Z indeed is what we call the “Technical Generation”. They have the technical knowledge to advance.

Let’s also not deny the fact, that the earlier generations have wealth of experience and knowledge.

I will be lucky to have both generations on my team because there are many values and ideas both can bring to the table.

I hear this quite often from organizations, people facing challenges communicating with people of a different generation.

Is this true for you or at your workplace?

No generation is better or less, one will always be relevant to another to progress and grow.

Perhaps finding the balance is the key – people generally are not difficult, but only the situation at hand may seem to look difficult.

Watch Intern on Netflix, a great movie showcasing generations has its benefits.

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