Think Twice Before We Speak!

They say if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

My Amma used to tell me this often when I was a kid. Maybe because I was highly opinionated and always had something to say.

I still do have a lot of opinions about things, and today I get paid to express them freely 🙂

The difference is I pause and reflect for a second before I say something.

It has to be more sensible and worthy to listen, as Amma always advised.

If we  have something to say:
📌 Ask, whether it will hurt someone
📌 Ask, how what you say will benefit someone

I am not perfect,  I  vent, rant, and complain too – but I try to revisit my thought process. It allows me to fix them for future communication.

Our words are powerful. We have to keep them positive, reliable, and self-aware of how we respond to situations.

Try again!

“Nobody can touch words but words do touch everybody. We are the master of our unspoken words and slaves of our spoken words”.

Practice the art of civility wherever we are, whoever we are dealing with, whenever it is.