Based on our fieldwork we know that it is generally accepted that “The success of an individual lies in their brand image and behavior they portray. The success of a company lies in its most valuable resource, which is the people who represent the company as their brand”. – Geeva Samynathan

Today the workplace culture has been compromised and standing up for civility and social decency is becoming difficult went peers turn a blind eye.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, this is a sign of incivility:

✔  Lack of Social Intelligence: Communication
✔  Toxic Employees such as gossips and rudeness at workplace
✔  Low work morale culture such as no team support and no show-up for work
✔  Cultural Diversity on Generation Gap
✔  Culture Diversity and Globalization Gap
✔  Uncivil Workplace Culture
✔  Not Dressing Up and Poor Self Image
✔  Business and Social Mannerism
✔  Non-verbal Communication: Body Language

Civility reflects how you present yourself at an organization and among your peers at work with a focus on social intelligence and culturally-competent communication.

Our approach is to set new social competencies and measurements to understand how moral disagreements become uncivil, and how we can recommend changes that can get people out of unproductive, uncivil disagreement.

With that Ectaa offers its services both in Malaysia and other Asia Pacific countries to cultivate individual self-performance, self-image, and self behavior by encouraging confidence and success within a person and organization.

Geeva Samynathan

Geeva Samynathan is a strong believer that every individual is uniquely different. She believes every individual has a personal brand with skills, experience, and personality that you want others to see and experience. It tells a story about you, it reflects on your conduct, behavior, spoken and unspoken words, attitude, and self-image. A positive personal branding not only raises your confidence level but automatically makes you stand out in the crowd.

As an entrepreneur, experienced executive-level manager, and business owner of ECTAA, Geeva has had plenty of opportunities to put her beliefs to the test. Through years of both professional and personal experience, Geeva has learned that Social Intelligence, Civility at Workplace, and Self Image are the secrets to thriving in the modern world. In her own words “Respect for oneself and others is a distinguishing factor in determining personal and professional success.”

Geeva can share her experience and expertise with others and is dedicated to promoting Social Intelligence and Civility in how modifying behaviors and transforming your image and presentation can build your social skills. Geeva is a Certified Social Competence Master Trainer with the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium, Canada (ICTC) and a certified Personal Branding Expert, a Certified Image Master, and a Lifestyle Coach from ByFerial, Australia). She is a World Citizen Global Training Ambassador and Civility Envoy. She is certified by the Human Resource Development Corporation (HRDC) in Malaysia and appointed as the Member of Industry Expert Committee (IEC): Management and Leadership by HRDC. Her niche expertise and entrepreneurial savvy have put her on the path to becoming a household name in Southeast Asia.


Geeva has been appointed as the Industrial Research Partner with Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia. The research aims to explore students’ awareness and examine the presence of Social Intelligence.

Geeva has won several awards and been a media presence for her work both at the International and Malaysia scene. She was invited to speak at the Royal Floral International Dialogue, Malaysia (2018). She has also completed Women On Board Training, Malaysia in 2014

Also, Geeva believes that “there is a need to be socially responsible and give back to society”. She takes great pride in her work as an executive committee member with the National Association Women Entrepreneur Malaysia (NAWEM) which allows her to actively immerse herself in social work.  Digitization and branding are one of Geeva’s forte and she uses this skill in NAWEM as the IT Chairperson introducing technology and digitization for the organization.

Her community work continues with MY Clean Beach as the Founder and Project Director to ensure Malaysia continues to stay as a country with the top 10 beautiful beaches around the world. This is part of a global initiative to combat trash at beaches. This clean-up effort was particularly intended to bring attention to the problem of people’s attitude in littering at beaches.

Every individual is different, and that’s what makes you uniquely special!