Probably, this could be the silent voices of some of the employees at their workplace.

I am sometimes amazed by how some people claim they are overworked, and under pressure, and yet fail to do the one most important thing to ease their burden, which is to trust other people.

They constantly correct the “mistakes” and “oversights” and constantly remind employees to do this or that, or delegate without trusting in anyone and anything.

There was once I got into a meeting with a client. After the presentation, the client was impressed and acknowledged this is exactly what they needed for their employees. The job was confirmed with dates.

Two weeks later, another meeting date was requested as the manager wanted to hear the same presentation once again. I agreed, assuming more things needed to be clarified, or maybe they wanted to add more value.

On the meeting day, the manager did not turn up and the meeting was represented by another  Assistant Manager. (It was just a repeat meeting with no addition or removal)

Not productive from my view, but ….

They gave me an impression, that the culture of honesty, psychological safety, and mutual respect is not there!

DO you agree, that #trust includes getting comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations?

Trust can be built.

Somebody has got to start; somebody has got to make the first move because there could be others possibility be waiting.

It’s almost like an act of faith, as there is less to lose by trying to trust another person at the workplace.

It only amplifies the motivation and creativity of the employee.