Western Digital the hard disk drive manufacturing facility in Petaling Jaya, with over 20 years of operation in Malaysia will be ceasing its operations this year 2019. The management took great effort in offering compensation and upskilling support for their employees. I was surely glad to be part of their upskilling program as a trainer for their employees for over the last 7 months. I met over 200 employees during the upskilling program This gave me an opportunity to self-reflect when I was making a switch from working with a comfortable reputable logistic company to becoming an entrepreneur by my own choice.

Most of the participants said I don’t know what to do – maybe look for a job or maybe start a business. I guess two things stay in people’s mind when work switch is required. One they have commitment- bills need to be paid, food needs to be on the table. Secondly, when people are at work for a long time they forget about the things they like and things that they are capable of doing. People get comfortable with the fix $$$ that hits their bank account every month end.

You can do something immediately: Update your cv and LinkedIn profile. A potential employer can be knocking on your door.

Secondly, a little shift of mind-set and attitude can be helpful. You can’t say you are limited with resources and have no idea what business to do because you have been working for an organization all your life. The question is are you considering to becoming an entrepreneur?

Here are some options that you may consider if you said YES to become an entrepreneur:

1. Start to identify what you like including things you like to do or buy and things that attracts you easily. This could possibly be a start for a business venture. When you do what you like, it becomes easier and not a chore anymore.

2. People lack reading habits and comfortably assume gathering information’s are difficult to start a business. Information’s are at your fingertips, just google for it. There are many relevant agencies, associations and government linked bodies to assist all your queries regardless of your business size in Malaysia. Participate in forums, attend trade talks and exhibition as most of these are freely available. Read an article a day and don’t just stop by scrolling social media posts only. Read a story or an article beyond your boarders and don’t limit within your comfort zone stories only.

3. Your family and friends can support your business for a while. Go and look for new friends. Join any clubs, association or better still start a new activity in life. Go and play badminton in a new indoor court, join gardening clubs, go for hiking or join me to do beach clean activities. Just do any activity to meet new people. New friendship helps you to build experience, exposure and network for your business.

4. Don’t feel discouraged where your business is located. Home business is so trendy today. Register your business as a sole proprietor or partnership for a start.

5. Finally, self-belief is the most important tool to kick start anything new in life. It was not an easy journey for me to make a switch with my career but I did. Many times I have fallen, felt discouraged being an entrepreneur and mostly I have not stopped growing and stood up for the better days.Therefore for those who wish to make a career switch – just by believing in yourself is a start!