There are many of us who loves dressing up in white and there are also some of us who prefer not to have any whites at all, and why is that?

Simply the notion of people saying that “White makes me look fat!” But that is certainly not the case. You do not have to necessary look fat or bigger once you know how to pair the perfect white up and look absolutely stunning in your own unique way.

White could make one look sexy and surprisingly flattering! There is an easy way to wear white actually. The answer is CONFIDENCE!

white dressHow to Wear White?

Texture of clothing is important, so much so that it complements with your body. You do not want to wear an all white outfit and look flat because that is not catching any sort of good attention and it makes you look dull. Be playful with textures! Wear an oversized jacket and slim cut white jeans. How about a slouchy white cotton tee shirt with flowing chiffon skirts that is pleated to add the cute effect? Wear a matching white blazer and pants and you will look terrific. Off white low lacy sleeveless top with white blazer would make you still look professional and casual at the same time.

Mix and match outfits with different materials and texture! You will be surprise how that little difference draws an effect on you and your mood! Materials often give you a different feeling on your skin, as some are smoother whilst some are a bit rougher on the edges.

This could also help you camouflage your flaws! It depends what you want to highlight and accentuate. If you are aiming to flaunt your legs, then wear skinny white jeans and pair it with a baggy chiffon shirt! That would certainly leave you feeling sexy and tall!

How about a stitched white poncho with off white long sleeve top and white slim cut jeans? It’s all about having fun with your clothing and being comfortable in what you wear!


Accessorizing with white can be so much fun but you do not want to do something over the top. Do not be too ambitious when accessorizing with white. Go for metallic jewelries and clutches as this is the best color that matches white. Wearing a black accessory is fine too but sometimes could leave you feeling awkward.

Best to stick with nude or natural toned colors when wearing white as it does not really give you that look that you are trying too hard. Wear a Russian red lipstick but keep your accessories at the lowest point. Since white is a very subdued color you do not want to overpower a gentle color with too much of other colors on you. It makes you look disorientated.

Belt over your waist is also a good idea but remember, try not to use belts that are heavily designed with metals, rocks and stones, but rather a simple white one with a very minimalistic feature.

White is already a natural color that flaunts you. It is always best to keep it simple.

The WHITE Rule

The traditional rule says white makes you look fat, customary wardrobe for the widows, best worn during summertime, worn by certain uniform based industry.

Break the old rules and get the rules right!

Don’t wear white for a wedding from head to toe but you can have a touch of white. Leave the white to the bride! It is quite disrespectful if you show up wearing a white short dress on a wedding day as a guest!

Wear white that compliments your skin tone & complexion – off white (beige or cream) or winter white

White helps you keep cool from the tropical heat. So style it according to your body shape!

The shoes must be right with complete white attire – a natural toned, brown or white shoe is a balance colour. Compliment it with a natural or nude makeup.

But you can overrule this and walk tall with a red handbag, red shoes and red lipstick with white attire. Make a fashion statement!

Add white as part of your wardrobe or make a statement with just a pair of white shoes

If you choose to be in white, ensure your white stays tidy and clean and not cluttered.

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