✅You’ll look like a person that has not planned ahead
✅You’ll lose people’s trust
✅You’ll develop a reputation as being unreliable
✅You’ll look lazy
✅You’ll look like you don’t care enough to be on time
✅You’ll look like you don’t plan ahead
✅You’ll probably get fired or lose a business deal

Yet, some people are never on time. Why so?

I use to know a friend who is never punctual whenever he makes an appointment. Even if we do meet, I intentionally will arrive 30 minutes later, and yet I will still be on time.

Eventually, I lost interest in the person and equally lost interest in working together. There was a lack of respect!

Being punctual is a matter of consideration for others. It is a sign of good manners and willingness to cooperate.

💡Did you know, that punctuality at the workplace means being 5 minutes ahead and leaving 5 minutes after work schedule time? Yes, those are the proper hours

How do you deal with late-comers?