Some People Talk to You in Their Free Time, and
Some People Free Their Time to Talk to you,
We need to learn and recognize the differences.

Good leaders or good colleagues at the workplace will opt for the latter as that is reflected in their attitude, setting priorities, and showing preferences to the person in front of them.

I recall on the first day of my contract job with an American manager in KLCC, he said: “Geeva if you need anything just ask and my time is all yours”.

Being a junior at that time, I felt instant relief.

His words every time he passes by me are” Are you having a jolly good day?

I simply smiled and said, I am good JP.

I knew instantly, that he was being kind and wanted to help me settle into work and with people quickly.

The result is, that we built a mutually respectful and trusting workplace relationship.

Making time for others is not easy, but the secret sauce to happiness is by making time for others.

It activates the areas of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust plus, these habits can be contagious at the workplace.

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