There is a saying “common courtesy,” which is not so common these days.

While we were all taught as kids to not answer back or to tone that voice down, as we break free from the shackles of adult supervision we tend to forget these things.

It is easy to fall into the trap of being impolite and discourteous, even though neither of those things is that difficult.

Never assume just because we are friends or people we meet often – we can slip away from common courtesy or mannerism.

✅Do not call someone on the phone continuously just because it is urgent. If they did not answer, it means they are busy. Simply text or call back later.

✅Do not order the most expensive food on the menu, just because others are buying it. Allow the buyer to choose the meal for both of you.

✅When we receive a text message, make an effort to reply ( even if it is a delayed reply). It is better than just ignoring it.

✅Try praising in public,  and give constructive feedback personally. This will make the person feel inspired,

✅Try not to call or text a person early or late hours, not everybody runs on the same schedule and priorities

✅The list goes on …..

There are two ways of communicating – one by being rude and aggressive and two by being courteous yet putting your point across and getting the job done.

The second one earns your respect and represents your values.

Please,” “Thank you,” “Excuse me,” and “You’re welcome” are not just words, they are courteous expressions.

Common courtesy can be common if we choose to appreciate and care about the feelings of others.

People remember us for the right things they experience with us, don’t you agree?