Do you agree we sometimes may live in a culture of blame?

People will blame others for their misery, seems like an easy way out!

I have once asked my friend during my college days, “Are you avoiding me”? ( I sincerely thought she was jealous of me since I have many friends to hang out with).

She replied, Yes as I don’t like you being close to my boyfriend! He is not spending enough time with me because of you.

Hmmmmmm ………………

My reply then was, Oh he stays with his uncle, which happens to be my neighbor. We sometimes come to college together, that’s all!

(Well, I laugh about it today as it sounds silly and kiddish)

But small things can trigger into big flames unless it is attended to immediately.

Well just keep it simple
✅don’t understand, just ask
✅need clarification, just ask
✅need assistance, just ask

Never assume or shy away from talking or communicating with others for clarity.

Taking responsibility to communicate fixes the issue at hand, leaving the blaming game behind.

Similarly at the workplace, all confusion and disappointments can be put to a minimum with better interaction regardless of the person’s culture and rank at work.