Plumpy rear? Bigger waist? Thick-licious thighs? Well ladies, you have got yourself a full figured body that is simply opulently oluptuous, with every part eminently defined. Every curvacious woman has their uniqueness that you could use to further exemplify the beauty that you possess.

Instead of looking for clothes that makes you look slimmer, look for clothes that makes the most of your curves in the most flattering way.

You could go for any type of styles, from simplicity to extravagant, layering your body with the right material, colour and accessory is important in emphasizing your most valued feature.


Your confidence and personality shows who you are! At the end of the day, with confidence, you could still walk a runway being a full blossomed beauty! Your posture, the way you speak, sit and eat determines you, and adding a character of the fashion is just an extra value to create your identity and YOU!

A solid foundation of undergarments is well needed to properly contain your figure. A proper bra cup size with suitable cup type is necessary, and with suitable underwear is essential to underline the detail of your body.

Solid colours are the best that will suit you in all occasion, but of course never shy away from other colours that you could still wear by matching it with other solid colours to give you a more appealing and attractive look.

Why wear loose fitting clothes? Loose end clothing would make you appear larger. Try getting the right fit that highlights your figure, but not too tight that could accentuate certain areas that has larger plumps!

Wear different patterns that align your body structure. If you have wider body structure, wear vertical and diagonal line patterns that would make you look slimmer! It is all about playing around with patterns, cloth details and colours that works together to bring out the best in you!

Shoulder details, from the blings, puffed shoulders, gathered sleeves on tops; fluted/ flared sleeves that end just below your bust, shoulder drapes to patterns on your shoulders balances the width of your hips! The details at the shoulders attract more attention therefore masking the width of your hips or waist.

Try wide necklines, boat necks, sweetheart necks, large cowls and wide v-necks as these designs are flattering for curvacious women. Try using soft leather and softer denim jeans to avoid appearing bulky.


Focal points are the obvious part of your body that your clothing and accessories draws attention. Create focal points to distract people from looking at body parts you rather not noticed. So how do you create these focal points on your body?

Wear a pair of black pants and a coloured top, which draws attention to the top half or just add coloured scarves, jewellery, coloured shoes or add any designed detail.

Create attention to the face by wearing darker neutral colours on your body, and match it with a coloured scarf or coloured jewellery to create the glow!

As a plus size figure, one of the problems is the stomach area, that women tend to hide by wearing black coloured top and more often appears to be loose. To distract attention on the stomach area, keep your bottom and top in the same neutral colour and pair it with a coloured shoe and scarf or necklace which picks up the colour in the shoe to draw attention to your face.

Round Body Shape

Round body shapes carry their weight in the middle and often have slim legs and are all rounded in appearance with slight sloping shoulder.

It is advisable to wear structured jackets long enough to hide the hip area. Slip yourself in A-line dresses as it hides your tummy and slims your overall silhouette. Opt for Long Coats or Cardigans with medium sized buttons – it gives a polished effect and it is suitable for all day use. Nothing in too boxy style!

To elongate your body with natural slimming effect, V-necks are recommended! No shoulder pads are necessary, and do not wear tops with many details like ruffles. You do not want to create attention to the midsection of the body.

Select shirts that fit loosely but not baggy with solid colours yet simple designs. Use more monochromatic colours with mix up of fabrics like cotton and chiffon for fun, light & flirty look. For jeans, the best option would be the Boot cut jeans as it balances your overall look.

Regardless you have a round or pear shape body, it is important to choose a fabric that compliments your figure. Fabrics need some weight and anything too flimsy will show up every lump and bump. Use fabrics that drape softly over your curves without clinging. Remember, fabrics that stand out from your body will only make you look bigger! Avoid shinning fabrics, satins or sequins for the lower part of body. Cotton is also a good option for fabric as it falls along the body contours without being restrictive.

Queen LatifahStyle Your Hair – Longer hair than your shoulders elongates body height, with light lock and curls adding up to a sophisticated look! However, it really depends what you wish to draw attention to. To highlight the chest and neck area, a luscious bob hair does will eventually underline that area.

Try to always have your hair wavy and not limpy, as limp hair causes your face and body structure to appear larger. Add volume by having layered hair style.


Keep up with the fashion and trend, but never comprise on your personal style that is unflattering or leave you feeling uncomfortable. Below are some tips to assist you.

1. A fitted undergarment is a must.

2. No dresses with straight style. Wrap, empire or A-line is the best.

3. Use V-necks to elongate your neck.

4. Skinny jeans and pants are good when they don’t taper at the bottom. Maintain straight line from waist to ankle and worn with tunic style tops.

5. Be classy in dressing and colour coordination.

6. Baggy clothes does not hide, it makes you look bigger!

7. Choose outfits in monochromatic themes – this creates a slimming effect.

8. Mix and match bold colours with darker separates.

9. Choose fabrics that drape over your curves.

10. Get perfect jewellery that highlights the outline of your neck or the hairline on your face. Avoid jewellery pieces that are too small or tiny, as this will make your features appear larger and that is not what we want! Medium size is recommended.

11. Don’t be pressured to wear heals. Flats are still very fashionable and should fit the occasion. No to flip flop sandals and choose solid colours with less embellishment

12. Last but not least, invest in a body shaper for a more curvacious look.

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