Do you know an image of a man plays an important role in exemplifying the character he portrays and the type of environment he encapsulates?

A man is very much entitled to retaining the desired and ideal image just like everyone else. There are so many things that a man has to pay particular attention to and each component demonstrates different meaning that highlights the characteristic of a man.

Do your Pants shout “YOU”?

Choosing the cut of your pants is vital in describing the taste of a man. How do you choose a cut and what does it represent?

The Jeans – Look at the rear mirror when you are trying on a jeans, they should not be too baggy. Pick a cut that fits your body shape. A straight cut jean is suitable if you have narrow hips and long legs of an average size. The relaxed cut is for someone who is big in size as this is a very loose and comfortable cut. While the skinny cut jeans is good for the lean and lanky person.

Trousers – Always tailor your trouser to get a proper fit. The waist, rise, inseam and the leg opening needs to be right. If you choose to wear pleated pants ensure they are not too full on the leg to avoid looking bigger and older. The flat front pants are more flattering and in style now and usually has no cuffs. Always consider the material and shoe that you would be wearing with the trousers.

Type of Pants– The boot cut pants is very casual in nature, and it gives you a laid back quality. However, boot cut pants are not typically the best to wear for smart casuals or many other occasion due to the “relax” quality that it illustrates, and it could only be worn for certain occasion. As such, it is rather a challenge to match suited clothings and shoes with boot cut pants, so make sure you are well aware of why and where you are wearing it.

The most versatile and easy to match pants would be the straight cut pants which could be worn for any occasion, environment at any given situation!

Many men misinterpret the fitting. For instance a heavier build man should avoid wearing tight or slim pants as it usually highlights the part of the body that you are not comfortable with, probably a bit of fat in the waist area or the thighs. To avoid this, it is best to wear wide fitting pants and match it with a suitable coloured and patterned top.

A pant on a man not only highlights his figure but also how he carries himself in the society. Imagine a well dressed man walks in with a beige coloured straight cut pants with brown leathered shoes? In my opinion it embodies his strong character that he is able to pull off a light coloured pants and yet wear solid coloured footwear to show his energy and charisma in walking at any given environment.

Shirts & Tee Shirts– The Nuances

Shirts are often taken for granted, be it colour, fabric, cutting and pattern.

All in all, the quality of the fabric should be taken into deep consideration, as the higher the quality is, regardless of brand, the longer it lasts!

The pattern of your tee shirt or shirt accentuates your body. If you are bigger build, try to get shirts or tee shirts which consist of vertical lines or rather plain solid colours rather than horizontal line. But then again, it depends which part of the body you would want to conceal. If your tummy area is a concern, avoid wearing horizontal lines which crosses your tummy area, but wear a patterned shirt that highlights your chest and your height. The larger the prints and lines on your shirt, the more casual the shirt is.

Patterns and prints are very much in style. It is a way to get noticed. Assuming if you are wearing a 3 piece attire, ONE of the below with patterns or solid colour should be your combination: 1 pattern and 2 solids OR 2 patterns and 1 solid OR 3 solids AND never 3 patterns together.

Shirts and tee shirts are very fun to mix and match with once you have mastered the world of colors, the artistic world of patterns and of course the right fabric! It would project a whole new you in an instant and brings out that confidence that is IN YOU!

20482655_480-01The Final Imperative Touch

The shoe colour and buckle must be a match with the belt.

French cuffs are stylish and fun with cuff links. They can be classic, too.

Use contrasting fabric on the inside of the cuff and wear the cuff turned back
to show it off. Use a contrasting fabric on the neck, too.

Use accessories that are balancing to your body scale: bag, tie, tie pin, cuff links, pen, watch, ring, bracelet, neck chain and body tattoo.

Dress for your personality and for the occasion.

Hair – The Manly World!

Hair is the first thing one notices when someone looks at a person, because your hair is the crown of your head and yes though the clothes on you is equally important, but your hair spells out your character and personality.

Hair – Spiky hair, straight cut hair, side parting and the typical half side parting hair projects the character, attitude and also your disposition of quality towards the environment. Make sure you always find the right hair style that suits your facial structure, your jaw bones, your chin, and your forehead, for your hair type and also the type of person you are to be carrying that hair style with you at all times. It is important that the hair style you choose jives with your character and your body language so that it shows a stronger you!

Facial hair – The right cut of your beard and moustache would give you a more mature look, or rather not too serious, depending on what you do. Men nowadays opt on colouring their facial hair which of course portrays another type of personality as well. Men often go for the same just moustache, or just
beard, or just a French beard and , or just a clean shaven look. Therefore facial hair on a man is vital and truly important as it does not only bring out the man-lyness but also the embodiment of their self-identity and character within.


Yes! Of course! Proper styling and grooming is the first step and key to unlocking that identity that you already possess and makes you reflect on who you really are. It helps you maintain that strong image that you are and want to have and of course later on making a difference for yourself.