Marilyn MonroeThe sophisticated and one of the world’s sexiest woman of all time has once said “Your Clothes Should be Tight Enough to Show You’re a Woman but Loose Enough to Show You’re a Lady”.. This is said aloud by Marilyn Monroe, one of Hollywood’s leading actresses during 50’s and 60’s, and she is still the talk of today’s world! She knew what she was talking about!

You can be showing those sultry long legs of yours, or even that attractive neckline, your sexy cleavage, or your well rounded rear. You just need to know how to reveal that sexiness whilst remaining elegant and tasteful.

Looking sexy yet classic with the smallest details in your clothes creates a subtle seduction. It not only gets the heads to turn on to you, but certainly will leave a lasting impression of you.

Clothes! Does less material means sexy?

Any clothes can make you look sexy if you know how to match and pair it with, and of course the way you pull it off. Anything off shoulder gives you an illusion of small waist; for evenings get into a black dress for immediate slimming look. The trick is wearing something that highlights your best features and to tone it down at other areas. Just choose one area to showcase or to be sexy.

You can always wear a long maxi dress, off shoulder, and pair it with the right accessory; you will be able to be sexy and still possessing the classy exterior. A tiny waist should be shown off with a belt. If you have long great legs, get into a mini skirt or shorts to highlight those legs. That way it makes you look classy and sexy at the same time! Skinny creamed coloured tight jeans to highlight your perfectly curved rear, and a loose pastel coloured top, allowing sexiness to ooze out. The lower half body will look immediately sexy just with a pair of high heels for a more long and toned legs.

Revealing too much of skin is just saying you are trying too hard to look more flirtatious than sexy. The art of being truly sexy means about being suggestive yet subtle.

Accessories! Wear them all?

Accessories are important as it emphasizes a certain feature of you. Always make a statement with the accessory that you use, not to many as it would look crowded. A low neckline dress would look beautiful with a necklace and makes you neck look longer, another sexy feature.

As a tip, gold accessory complements a black dress and they never go wrong together. For hot flush colours like pink or royal blue go with a black accessory. BAM! You got yourself a classically sexy lady!

Elizabeth TaylorHair, Makeup & Perfume

Soft wavy curls and straight hair are seductive. Makeup that is bold especially on the lips is very attractive.

Nothing is more evocative than the scent of a person! It could evoke the feeling of infatuation, love, happy and many more! Choose the right perfume to evoke the feeling you desire. There are many smells, and it all depends to which situation and environment you are wearing it to. A sweet yet strong floral smell would evoke a sensuous feeling that makes you feeling classy yet making you feel sophisticated with that hint of strong aroma within the perfume. A musky fragrance works as an excellent aphrodisiac but you would have to choose the right combination of a musky scent. Perfumes plays with the pheromones, creating a strong connection, and is associated with what we wear and display. So always pick the right choice!

Character and Personality

When clothing does play an important factor in bringing out both the sexiness and classiness in a lady, so does your character and personality. This means, your manners and behavioral pattern should coincide with what you are wearing!

You can be firm without having to be aggressive, maintaining the lady like character. Being firm and strong intensifies the classy character in you with of course the balance of the outfit, will bring out the sexiness factor.

Body Language! It is all about You!

Body language demonstrates the inner you whether you are aware of it or otherwise. Everything you do, from sitting, walking, talking, or even looking just shows who you are ideally. The definition of classy is making someone look attractive by having qualities. These qualities should be in you, from every movement of your body.

Making sure your posture is right is important. Slouched posture doesn’t resemble a confident woman therefore does not make you a classy lady. Walking with poise, a firm yet gentle hand shake and the tiltness of your head justifies your lady-like classy character.