Red Lipstick“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick” – Gwyneth Paltrow

The red lipstick is the symbolic and universal color that looks good on every woman. Red lipstick more often than not gives a sense of allurement to a woman, in many different angles. Just wearing a red lipstick would make you feel sexier, beautiful, enchanting and seductive. It’s a colour of passion, love, and it’s like dynamite that will create an immediate attention. It’s the sexiest and hottest looking colour painted on your lips. It is all about the color RED.

Bright and Intense of the Red
It’s not just the colour, how bright and intense is the red matters.
Each red contains yellow-orange, blue, red and true red. Finding the right red is to match it with your skin tone. The general rule says warm undertones should wear reds with yellow or orange red or coral base whereas the cool undertones should wear reds with blue or pink red base.

We also often hear that a red lipstick that has a small amount of blue shade on it would look good on most people. Deep warm undertone women for instance would look good in red lipstick that contains a small amount of brown base, whilst the fairer skin ones could go for plum shades. However, these are just basic advises when choosing the right color.
Stressing out the point again on the basic rules of red lipstick, you can be dark tone but still wear a bright red lipstick and vice versa. Warm tone skin would look good in red lipstick with an orange base. But even those who have paler skin would look good in orange based red lipstick as well.

How do you absorb that information?
Remember, the paler you are, your red lips would pop out even more. If that is indeed your motive, you need to tone down on your makeup, and go light, since your lips will be doing most of the show and talk. You do not want heavy makeup with heavy red on your lips; you are just trying too hard. A simple mascara or thin layer of eyeliner would do the trick, with a soft blush to compliment your skin tone and overall light look. A neutral colour eye shadow is acceptable, too.

A double mascara and darker liner can help to balance the screaming red lipstick for a cool skin undertone or a darker eye make up can carry orange red lipstick to balance out the bright lips.

The Red Texture
Lip Glosses are another way to shine your seductive red lips! Whether or not you want it to pop or otherwise, the lip gloss could provide the final shine. It could be one those shimmering lip glosses or just the wet look. Remember though, if you want to achieve that glam and sparkle look, you could always use the shimmering ones. If you would like a natural look, a gloss is not necessary.
There are red lipsticks that contain different facets such as the matte colored ones, the diamond ones, the shiny red, the pigmented red, and some reds are rich with anti-drying agents like avocado and mangoes, so all in all you are spoiled for choices!

The Red Tips
Treat your lips with a lip scrub to remove any peeling pieces. Prep the lip with a lip balm or a lip concealer before applying the lipstick. Finally, line the lip with a pencil linear. This is necessary especially if you are using a matte base lipstick. For women with thin lips, it’s recommended not to use matte base lipstick to avoid lips looking wrinkled or less moist.
To avoid smudging, add a concealer or dab a highlighter around the lips. Put a finger in between your lips to remove any excess lipstick and this will free you from lipstick mark on your teeth.
Some of us tend to go all red, and that includes, red lipstick, red nails and red shoes. Now it is going to be rather awkward if all those reds are in different shades. So if needed to be all red, ensure that all the reds are on the same shade, so you’d look perfect and not otherwise.

The Red in You
We all have that inner secret, blessed with our very gifted individualistic features. As you know, different shades portrays a different you. Darker reds to the lighter ones, often projects a different image. So, with that certain red shade in us, which one are you?
Experiment and play with those beautiful and mesmerizing reds! RED is classic and yet it allows you to go wild, and be eccentric! The red is already in us!

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