The Wedding Statement
This article is specially for the Malaysian multicultural society

Every year, most often than not, there will definitely be one of our friends or family member that would be getting married. It gets out of hand! Everyone is out and about shopping for clothes, jewelries, attending bridal showers and bachelorette parties! But there comes THE day where you, yes YOU, though not the bride, would need to look your very best! Who are we kidding, it is a wedding day and all eyes are not just on the bride, but someone somewhere will be noticing you!

So what do you do? What do you need to wear? How are you going to dress up? What colors should you choose?

Firstly, it is important that we understand that we are within a multicultural society. You can be living anywhere in the world, the environment at this present time is so colorful with beautiful cultures, and with cultures comes tradition.


Always take note of which wedding culture you are attending. Each culture has a different way of celebrating weddings, and that includes what you wear and do. For example, some Indian weddings are held in temples, therefore you do not want to be seen in dresses but rather in a traditional costume that respects the tradition within the temple. It is best to always enquire your friends if culture is taken seriously in a particular wedding.

How to Appear Fabulous?
We all intend to look our best on a wedding day even though we are just the guests. Here are some helpful tips for you to be fabulous and stylish!

1. Find out your role
Before you even commit to a certain outfit, always find out your role in a wedding. Are you the maid of honor, a bridesmaid, the usherer, or simply just a guest?
Whatever your role is, you would need to dress up accordingly. Most of the time, bridesmaids, maid of honor, etc are already given a dress code and color. If you are an attendee, then it is time to fashion up and live the moment!

2. Keep it Simple
Wearing simple dresses or outfit with a good choice of jewelry is enough to make a strong fashion statement. You do not want to wear white or black during a wedding as both denotes different meaning to different culture, so it is best to stay away from this two colors. Keep your color choices according to the time of the wedding. You do not want to wear a bright and strong red for a morning or afternoon wedding, because that just means you are trying too hard. Soft colors are preferable for a daytime wedding so always know the time and place before you choose your outfit. Malay and Indian weddings most of the time consists of colorful laced and heavily embroidered sequencing outfits. Take note that only the bride can go all out in wearing the heavily sequenced and embroidered ones. That does not mean you can’t. You would have to choose something average. Play along well with clothes and accessories. If you are wearing a gold baju kebaya/baju fesyen which is heavily sequenced and laced, perhaps you should go low key on your accessories and make up. If you are wearing a bedazzled long cheongsam, wear heels that does not make you look too tall, and a bright lipstick for finishing touches. Accessorize tastefully and be sensible with your jewelries.


3. Make Up Plays a Role
So you are wearing a plain blue saree with gold embroidery or even a pale green dress with minimal diamante, you can glam it up with princess looking make up that highlights your eyes and lips. Choosing the right make up alongside with your attire is important to match the whole look that you are going for. Highlight your best features and make that the focal point of your make up. If your lips is your best feature, go for the plumpy red lipstick with a wet look to intensify the whole appearance, but choose a very subtle colored outfit with minimal concentration on the eyes and accessories, since your lips is already doing all the talking for you!

4. Accessorize Right!
Wearing the right accessories is important but make sure that it matches your overall look. It is always best to stay within nude or natural colors. Of course you can match your outfit with other colors as well! You would have to ensure that it is not over empowering especially during a wedding day! You want to be subtle but yet revealing your best features!

5. The Final Tip: LOOK & BE YOUR BEST
Every one of us have something unique and special that only we could further enhance to be more appealing. If it is your leg, than wear those high heels with knee length dresses to elongate your legs and apply some bronzer to give that shimmering effect! If you love your hair to be the best, then create heavy wavy curls and spray some shiny dust to create that angelic hair do, wearing simple light shaded dresses or baju kebaya, and pearl earrings; you would already be getting looks for your luxuriant styled hair!


Be Prepared
So when the next time you would need to attend a wedding, you would now take into account every aspect of an outfit so that it all fits in perfectly. Most importantly, have fun at the end of the day and cherish the moments! That is what weddings are made for! Always have fun and if all fails, ensure that you ALWAYS have YOUR CONFIDENCE to pull you through any situation!

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