This is my view of President Barrack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama when they officially greeted President-elect Donald Trump and wife Melania Trump at the White House on Inauguration Day

Sharing with you my thoughts:

1. Civility in Communication and Mannerism: When President Obama greeted and welcomed President Elect Trump ; Trump did not address him as President Obama ….. there is lack of respect!

2. Civility in Mannerism: President Elect Trump did not wait for his wife, Melania to walk up the stairs and did not wait for her when they turned to walk into the White House. President Obama helped Melania up the stairs and directed her to First Lady, Michelle Obama. The act of President Obama is very graceful.

3. Body Language: When do you shake hand or embrace with a hug? Watch the body language of the other person if you are not sure with what to do and its okay to mirror the other person, especially when the other person is superior than you. In this situation Melania was formal in her greetings with a handshake whereas Michelle embraced her with a hug. Michelle is still the First Lady at that point of time as the Presidential Inauguration is not completed.

4. Presenting a gift: You need to know when to present the gift. Michelle did not know where to place the gift before the photo shoot which makes it a very awkward situation! Present a gift with honor and style and you don’t need the signature gift label “Tiffany” to stick out. Gift is a basic gesture of appreciation and bonding of friendship.

5. Self Presentation: President Elect Trump’s neck tie is too long and the colour is too loud. The length of the tie should not be below the belt or it should just touch the belt. Fire red could be Mr. Trump’s signature colour and it was all good during the election campaign. Red during the Presidential Inauguration seems a little overpowering and not very welcoming. How about a blue for a change? You are the commander in chief now, why not go with a blue as a colour of more welcoming, intelligent, trust and wisdom. If red is still the colour, perhaps when he sits in the Oval Office wearing necktie with print of curves or rounds will add some softness and looks less commanding.

Wear clothes that fits your body shape and wearing larger size coat does make a person look bigger and less presentable. Wearing clothes that fits the body and colours that suits the occasions will enhance a persons self presentation, to look smart, tall and intelligent.

6. Personality: Melania Trump channeled style icon Jacqueline Kennedy looking demure and classic plus worn with long matching gloves, stiletto shoes, and her long hair swept up in a loose bun, giving it a 1960s vibe. Looking safe with her style but it certainly did not match Trump wardrobe on colour pairing and classic style.