It was my first pitch ever!

What did I learn about 5-minute pitching?

  1. 5 minutes pitch means, 5 slides only
  2. Tell a story that gets straight to the point of your pitch
  3. Tell the investors why you need them to give you the seed funding
  4. Show them how successful your pitch idea is
  5. Show them how the money is going to be used

The good part is we won.

MY Clean Beach won our first grant from Yayasan Hasanah ( Khazanah) an initiative from Biji-Biji.

I knew what I was going to present but I was not sure if the investors would buy my idea.

Above all, I brought my confidence, a feeling of a little gutsy, keeping a smile on my face, and a lot of luck.

I had one thing in my mind – if I win it’s a bonus, if I lose it’s an experience.

Either way, there is always something to be gained!

To me, that’s confidence and a winning team attitude. 🙂