HandbagA Simple View on Handbags

A Handbag is usually a girl’s best friend. Why? Because there is literally everything you need, from your beautiful colored lipstick, compact powder, sunglasses, purse, tissue, keys, a mini notepad, business cards to our daily tech-connecting device the mobile phone, your handbag holds the key to equipping you with your daily necessaries.

Handbag Analogy

A Handbag suggests the character of a lady, whether or not it is about the color, the texture, or even the brand per say, but what actually embodies the physical structure of a lady is the size of the handbag. The size of a handbag determines the kind of body structure you have, despite also meaning the YOU that you are portraying. So how do you know which handbag best suits you? It has to fit your personality, lifestyle and your body scale.

Tips on Handbag Styling

If you are a short or petite person, you can get all styled up and looking perfectly average by carrying a handbag that is small to medium as this would balance your structure!

A medium sized person can choose any style or size of handbag that fits their lifestyle and personality.

Tall women always seem conscious but do not fret! Medium to large handbags would create that chimera of you being at the ideal structure.

Large  women should carry medium sized bags as they would not only bring out the confidence in you but it will make the eyes look at you as a whole idyllic figure!

Colours and Style

Colours and style are an important factor in choosing the perfect handbag. It really depends on the personality you wish to portray on that day, in tandem with the season, the weather, environment, event and the colour coordination of the clothes and accessories you wear. Everything would have to complement each other to avoid being too out there or too timid.

All in All…
A handbag completes your attire and it is a piece to your finishing touch. The Perfect Handbag exemplifies the perfect looking you, so always be at your best with the Perfect Perceptible Accessory that carries you!