Wear a belt for necessity or for style. It instantly adds a trendy flair to any outfit. Belts come in many colours, sizes, materials and style. Sometimes you don’t need anything else (jewellery, scarves or accessories), a belt can complete the finishing touch to your outfit. Choose a belt that perfects your outfit and body shape. Whatever outfits your wear, a belt can:

  • Accentuate your natural curves
  • Create an illusion of curves
  • Make you look longer and thinner
  • Give your body some definition
  • Make your outfit look more up-to-date

Tips on looking Fabulous, Stylish and Slimmer with a Belt :

Basic Belt Style and Picking the Right Belt
Wide Belts are fashion forward looking and leaves trimming effect on your waist whereas Skinny Belts adds a smart and elegant feel to suits or just with a pair of slacks. Pick a belt style that harmonizes your body shape. Like if you’re a plus-size who attempts to wear a skinny belt, you’ll appear bigger because of the obvious difference. On the other hand if you’re skinny, big belts can overwhelm your slim figure.

Wear belts that have simple lines and styles during the day. This will give balance attention to both the belt and the clothes. Neutral color belts will match most of your wardrobe than solid colors. Belts are centerpiece to an outfit and should be left alone without adding any other eye catching accessories.  Keep everything else simple, however if the belt is already plain and simple you can add with one-two accessories.

Know you body Shape and Size
You need to know the length of your waist, width of your waist and bust, size of your hips. For the ultimate waist definition wrap the belt around the thinnest part of your waist.

What Style Are You?
Create A Fashion Statement – Keep your outfit simple and plain  and add attention to your waist with a statement belt; Look Polished and Chic – Belt to match your shoes, handbag and jewellery colour ; Trendy Look – Simply wrap a skinny belt around an open cardigan or big loose shirt

You can wear your belt low-slung; this will draw attention to your hips and thigh or wear a belt that matches the colour of your bottom to avoid attention to your hips and thigh. If you have narrow hips low-slung belts can add curves to your figure.