With the Right  Intention, Right Action, and Right Words will follow thru. Agree?


While strolling at a Tibetan Monastery, a lighted-up glass cabin caught my attention.

Without thinking twice my foot set forward to the cabin. I put both my hands close to my chest and greeted them with a smile.

May I come in, I asked?

We exchanged a little introduction, with simple language and big smiles.

The man was lighting up 108 ghee lamps, while the lady was helping to pour ghee oil into the lamps.

He said he is praying for world peace, he said what’s happening in Ukraine hurts him a lot. He hope his prayers will reach them and he went on to say more in his native language.

He hopes, his intention and action will inspire more people to be human and simply love one another.

There was a pin drop silent for one moment. I took this opportunity to say a little prayer.

He said one thing – one’s intention must be clear then every action and word will be clear and all will follow thru nicely. The world will be a happy place.

How powerful is that statement!

This got me thinking, about how often sometimes we allow our actions and words to supersede our intention.  There is no turning back to this once said and done.

Hence set the intention right and like what  Newton said every action there is a response or consequence. It was obvious in the Tinder Swindler situation

Add a little pause, patience, and reflection into our intention, and this will lead to positive people treatment in how we choose to communicate and connect with others.

Build a society with civility in mind.