30801263_m-s-400New Year is the day where you are allowed to go crazy! You could wear whatever you want to and be whoever you’d like! It is about having fun, laughing and sharing the moments together with your loved ones! Let the countdown of the New Year Fashion continues.

Item 5: Glitz and Glam

Every girl’s favourite is to be all glam and glitz for the new year! Nothing spells awesome and breath-taking than sparkles, glitters, shimmers and glow on you!

It is always nice to have a sequinned top, with gold accessories to compliment you, together with those pump heels to give you that glamorous touch! With long golden brown curl highlights, you are definitely looking fantabulous!

That shimmery glittery gold or silver dress, with a black bangle and black hoop earrings, strutting across with those black stilettos just gives you a completely different feeling altogether!

Yes, this is the outfit type that would make you feel all celebrity-ish walking down the red carpet! Get yourself all dolled up with the perfect glitzy make up, and with that glam outfit, you’d be looking eccentrically mesmerizing!


Item 6: Be Citrusy

Let us play with the colors of citrusy fruits, as it not only brightens you up, but also gives you that fruity glow!

Have a zest for life, by wearing a grapefruit coloured blouse, with dark lime coloured pants, topped with a kaffir lime coloured earrings and a nude coloured lipstick? Perhaps a brown rooted flat sandals for the finishing touch?

It gives you the fresh colourful feeling, and that too bringing a good vibe to start of the new year!




Item 7: Ooze the Sexy

The last but not the least, the sexy kitten! Meow! As you purr your way down to a velvety red dress, with those red lips, and sparkly red heels, and beautiful golden accessories with a hint of light make up?

Half shouldered dress with diamante hair band and pumps?

A low neckline top long dress with just a make up on?

A backless dark blue dress with simple pearl earrings?

Just make sure ladies that you do not be too revealing as you would not appear sexy anymore but rather trying too hard. Try revealing only one part of the body which you find to be the most flattering. In that way, you attract attention to where you want and remain sophisticatedly beautiful!

To Conclude…

Have fun wearing anything you like and always remember to show the best and be the best!
Ectaa would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and a blessed 2015.

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