New Year is the day where you are allowed to go crazy! You could wear whatever you want to and be whoever you’d like! It is about having fun, laughing and sharing the moments together with your loved ones!

So why waste a wonderful day going through each of your clothing piece to ensure perfection? No time for that! Pick up whatever you have in your closet, match it, glam it, accessorize it, and you are done! Leave the rest to your hair, make up and accessories that would make you stand out.


For starters, you would have to know what you want to be like on that night! Perhaps showing a little skin? Subtle sexiness? Classy? Or maybe sophisticated? Or straight up the wild card? Once you have got that figured out, then it is time to DRESS UP!

Below, you would find little tips and tricks that could give you ideas on what to wear for your new year! Of course, always remember, it is limitless!!

Let the countdown of the New Year Fashion begin.

Item 1: The Little Black Dress

Every girl owns a little black dress! If you do not have one, time to pop by any little shop that sells a little black dress, not too sexy or shabby, but the perfect one that allows you to wear it anywhere, anytime of the day.

The little black dress is the perfect outfit if you want to remain simple, yet sexy and sultry! How do you do that? Well, get those beautiful bold pieces of gold or silver necklace that enhances the beauty of the black on you, and with a nice blood red lipstick to go with it, and a pair of red heels!

If you want, you can always try to go wild by having a scarf around your neck or just with a hoop earring and a simple make up would do you good as well!

So as you can see, you can turnaround a simple black dress of yours to anything you want on a new year! It is that simple!

Item 2: The Intense Culture of the Prints & Textures

Some of us would like to show that wild side and would go for the outfit with cheetah, zebra or even tiger prints! How to make your body roar?

Wear those beautiful tamed yet wild Zebra top, with spicy red tights that highlights the silhouette of your legs, and get into those wild boots or even heels if you like, and strut down the walkway with those layers of gold necklaces that finishes the image! Go for a nice black lipstick or a red lipstick to appear wilder!

How about for those who wants to be a bit on a tamer side of the town? Well, perhaps a cheetah dress, with a nude coloured lipstick and a gold bangle? Let your hair down, simple average sized curls, with a dangly gold earring. That should shout out “Yes I am tamed but do not test me!”

Some of us would like to show that wild side and would go for the outfit with cheetah, zebra or even tiger prints! How to make your body roar?

Item 3: Matchy Patchy

So this year we would like to try something else! Something which we really never thought of wearing before! Let’s go matchy patchy!

Wear identical colors or patterns and go crazy! Same patterned scarf around your neck and the same patterned shoes! How about that? It creates a new spectrum which revolves around colors and patterns of your entire outfit!

Go wild with bright yellow earrings, with yellow shoes, yellow bangles, yellow neck piece and to give that extra bang, try on a yellow lipgloss or a lipstick if you dare with a turquoise top? You are not just matchy, but patchy with a completely opposite colour to patch with the matching accessories and make up you are wearing!

Prints and Checkers

Item 4: Comfy and Nonchalant

This new year, you’d like to stay home, and celebrate it with your one and only, or perhaps some close friends and family. So what better way to dress up than to be relaxed and cool!

Try on those baggy pants that you do not wear outdoors, and spice it up with a nice bright coloured sleeveless top, with a big neckpiece and big earrings?

Or those loose long sleeve top with a pair of shorts or leggings and a array of colourful bangles?

Go straight up comfy with pants, loose top and a headgear on your head with earrings?

Everything is possible for new year, it is just the matter of getting into a piece that makes you look good!

Still can’t decide what to wear , we have a Part 2 – Dressing Up For the New Year coming to you soon or write to us at