I was out on a jungle trail over the weekend ….

There were many behaviors just within the same environment.

One walks alone in silence enjoying the birds chirping, the noise of the insects, the crawls on the ground, and the wind in the silence.

One that plays the music so loudly, almost for the whole jungle to dance together.

One that speaks so loudly, that even the birds flew away.

One that walks at a gentle speed in pairs, and the rest waits on the trail.

One that speeds, testing their endurance perhaps and almost stepping on others.

One that greets every person they meet. 🙂

There are many behaviors we experience and the most important behavior is the one we leave behind for others.

The one people would appreciate and create a sense of happiness.

We need not know people to be at our best, generally knowing to be best itself makes a huge difference to people around us.

The first is my preferred choice, and of course, the last on the list makes me feel warm.

What are some of the behaviors that you experience of people in public places, both that please and annoy you?


As I walking on the jungle trail, I spotted a bird feather on the ground. I have some attraction towards the Maori culture, and I believe a feather brings good luck and a message from the guardian angel. It was my lucky day.

#respect #people