Animal PrintsAnimal prints will always be in style and you will notice how many loves the strutting fashionista statement when wearing an animal print outfit. They are sexy and hotter than before!

There are many who love wearing animal prints, it is something that can make you look highly fashionable and stylish and it can be a great disaster even with a little mistake. It is important that you know why and what you are wearing an animal print for, and once you have a purpose, next is simply styling it accordingly. It has to absolutely fit your personality, body shape and skin tone.

The Cheetah and Leopard prints are the most well known ones. They are often worn as tops, pants even scarves! Whilst some thinks that it poses a strong fashion statement, others simply think it is sexy and wild. Do not underrate the value that the Zebra print carries! It is certainly a wild fashion statement, different from the rest and the colour of white and black simply showcases the wild and tamed character, yet the oozing sexiness from the jungle! Tiger and snake prints are hot, too!

There are many other fashion prints like giraffe and hyena as well. No matter what prints they are, everything would make you look good when you have the right style!


• Choose only one large part of your outfit that’s wild – either the top, or bottom or the accessory. If your dress is printed, than the shoes or accessories needs to be plain or nude.

• Tone down your large wild prints by contrasting with large bags/ accessories, high cut booths that is complimentary in colour.

• You want to be matchy, make sure they don’t clash! An animal print bag, scarf, shoe or hat will go well with plain attire OR just wear the animal print as one single piece in your clothes or accessory.

• Go animal print and colour clash with one single vibrant colour. Try the green shades, pink, red, yellow, orange and pastels looks fabulous with leopard prints.

• Animal print teamed with another print – layer the two prints with a single coloured pattern (in the same shade as animal print. Avoid dark colours on the plain wardrobe area.

• If you choose to wear an animal print maxi dress, make sure the shade complements your skin tone and patterns, cut & style that are suitable for your body shape. More importantly, it should flaunt your assets and not let it drown or be hidden away by the prints.

Simple Styling with Animal Prints

For a classic look, cheetah printed top with slim cut black pants, paired with black blazer and blood red shoes! With a simple black shades, and red lipstick, long wavylicious hair or short hair that is neatly combed, you have got yourself one sexy, strong sophisticated lady!

Looking to portray the chic, fun and hip side? Well then try on a leopard shorts with funky coloured top, either bright pink or bright lime green! That is all! Do not wear too many colors as that might mean you are just trying too hard. Picking a very bright colour as opposed to your animal print, and going subtle on your accessories is a must. Solid colors play well with animal prints too.

For a casual look, wear leopard pants with an off white t-shirt, casual vest, and ankle boots. You could also try wearing a long maxi cheetah print skirt with chambray top that balances the flamboyant skirt, topped with a brown belt.

How about the combination of a cheetah print shirt with mint or turquoise pants, with a statement necklace!


When matching your accessory with an animal print, you would have to make sure that colors and the size of jewellery jives with the animal print and the other colour of outfit that you are wearing.

Gold jewellery works best with cheetah and leopard print outfit. But make sure this gold accessory matches the shoes that you are wearing as well. Best to go with black shoes as black goes with anything. However, the shoe can also match the secondary colour of your outfit. For instance if you are wearing a burgundy top with leopard pants, you can wear a burgundy shoe and of course the gold accessories. Nude coloured shoes are perfect with animal prints too.

Simple solid colours of handbags, belts, watch and headgear is recommended as it balances the animal print outfit.

Apart from that, there are also accessories which are animal printed! This is perfect for those who want to go subtle in wearing animal print. So how is this done? Simple! Just wear your outfit, and match it with a leopard jacket, or perhaps a zebra neck scarf, or even an animal print shoe.

Wearing an animal print shoe means you would need to wear a simple outfit, as an animal shoe portrays a very strong fashion statement and you do not want to overdo it!


Body size plays a role in determining which animal prints to wear, and in this case is the shape of the spots and patterns!

The zebra pattern, the long curvaceous horizontal black lines will look well on a plus size lady. This will give an instant slimming effect.

If you possess a beautiful thick figure, go for medium to small patterns/spots when wearing a leopard or cheetah animal print as this would give you a slimmer silhouette.

Bigger spots/patterns are suitable for the slimmer figure which will then give you a fuller figured body the curves as the animal prints falls in place on your body.

All in all, play the patterns right, and you got yourself looking smokin’ hot!


There are many designers who produces beautiful animal print designs in cotton, or velvety like fabric. Fabric is so important, so wear the right fabric depending on the time of the day and the type of event you are attending to.

You want to wear a velvety long cheetah dress if you are going for evening dinner, as the fabric coincides with the animal patterns, and gives your body that wild characteristic whilst posing the sexiness.

Designers are often coming out with creative and exciting designs, and it is important that you look good in it, and most importantly, you feel confident.

Take time and get the details right when shopping for an animal print.

After all, an animal print is designed to kill and impress, so always have fun wearing them!

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