1.    Shape your eyebrow to suit your face shape because even without any makeup the eyebrows inevitably become the center of attention.

2.    Give more attention to your eyes by curling your eyelashes and taking care of the dark circles around the eyes. Eye care treatment and mascara helps to accentuate your eyes.  Add eye drops on your eyes to avoid dryness and to add brightness.

3.    Make sure you have a white set of teeth – scheduled dental visit and care is a must as you have a million dollar smile!

4.    Stay soft and supple on your lips. A lip balm or oil helps to restore moisture on your lips. A good lip gives another good reason to walk out without makeup.

5.    Style and cut your hair in a way that suits your face shape. Keep your hair colour natural or colour that suits your skin tone. Use natural hair care that produces shine and volume. This creates natural appearance and makeup free face.

6.    Use a natural sunblock on your skin to reduce uneven skin tone, wrinkles and to avoid early aging skin.

7.    Minimal makeup – mascara and lipstick or a coloured lip gloss is a must.

8.    Cleanse your face twice daily, scrub your face once or twice weekly and mask your face weekly. Do not apply harsh products on your skin. Read the labels of the products and ensure the ingredients are natural.

9.    Choose a healthy lifestyle: Eat nutritional food – Sleep timely – Exercise – Practice Yoga – Relax with Meditation.

10.  Know your skin tone colour and wear colour clothes that accentuates you and brightens you up immediately.

11.  Know your body shape and wear clothes that fit your body . Clothes that creates instant slimming.

12.  Create attention and perfection by adding accessories to your wardrobe. It must fit your body scale.