Since April is my birthday month, I thought I share with you about me. My story about my profession, my personality, my inspiration and my brand.

I am Quaintly Vibrant…..

As a person, I am colorful. My character embodies that of a peacock feather, which illustrates each personality I carry as a person. The peacefulness that I render, the emblem of love that I show, the crest of courage I carry and the refinement of a lady within me, explains the very person I am towards my own and the people around me.

Being very enthralled with colors everywhere, I tend to be outspoken, bold and strong! I appear to hold the room with the attention I need and could respectfully walk with confidence and determination. I am my own brand with my own image, wearing and possessing the very characteristic and attitude I have, responding with the environment around me. With the pairing of right colors, and projection of clear image and character building, I have become so much more better as I tend to leave a lasting impression which in the person’s mind, I manage to create the ME that I want to portray.

With strong and esteem believer in confidence and self-image, I have opened up opportunities to not only become the best but also encourage others to do the same, as it definitely brings about a lot of difference to a person as a whole. From a timid person who is always apprehensive about the surroundings to becoming a strong charismatic leader and being seen as an inspirational & motivational person, I have certainly brought myself towards heightening my ideal lifestyle standards, taking with me the rest of the world to provide the best.

My Inspiration ….. My Mother

The credit goes to my lovely mum who instilled this thought in me that it is important to always dress well, always look presentable, to always dress according to every occasion. She was my perfect fashion and color consultant. This guidance has left me with deep knowledge and acceptance that clothes is not just about fashion, it is about me, about my identity, the brand that I am actually selling out there. It is a very precious brand and nobody else can own. I learned all this from my beloved mum.

It is because of my ever loving “Amma”, the subject matter of image and etiquette has become a subject that is close to my heart. I sincerely feel that one needs to present themselves well at every minute and moment of their life. It is about them, it’s about the beautiful human beings that have been created on this earth. People overlook the subject of image because they conclude Image is an expensive affair, but I am able to convince that it is the least expensive affair by using the correct techniques and methods to understand your image. All it needs is a little bit of understanding and accepting who you really are. This has proven results, that your Image leaves a lasting impression to others. It no longer talks about the branded items you use, it ends with – you are the real brand!

And, what is my profession all about?

I provide training and consultation in enhancing one’s personal branding & image. I educate and instill the knowledge of the importance of creating a You brand, and knowing your own strength that one already possess, and with that enveloping your character, image and attitude and bringing out the best. The principle objective is to create awareness and interest among people about how the little investment on personality development takes them milestones on career advancement and building their personal character.

I instill the thought in others, not to waste the opportunity of standing out by copying another person’s identity, when you can be a master of your own identity and brand.

I embrace cultural diversity

I often find myself socializing in various social parties, dressing up from the classic Baju Kebaya, wearing an evening dress and hats for tea parties with friends to embracing the roots of being a Malaysian, I am towards adopting different diversities of life.

The culture I am within teaches me the importance of building relationships, establishing identity and understanding the diverse society that encrypts enigmas of tales and stories that as a person I grasp and share with my friends and families.

Finally …….

I love doing simple things in life, things that gives me and others happiness.

Photography by Shuhada Hasim
Makeup by Sall Sandra @ Salbiyah