shuhada hasim“Color coding & personal style consultation seems general & acceptable word, but I have no clue how the whole process gives an impact to my day to day life. Until my personal session with Geeva Samynathan, the process revealed the importance of why I am strongly recommending for every modern women to invest for the service. It makes me realise, how I neglected the special gift I have and my look, my body and my personality throughput out my adult life.

Forget about how other people perceive you, you can make some people happy about your improved appearance and you also can make other people unhappy about the development. It is all about the connection every woman should have with themselves. Because we always think of what other people think about us, we neglect what we feel truly about what we want, who we are, what is it that we actually love about life.

The colour coding session allowed me to feel confident with the colours that harmonise my skin tone. It is completely a physical action; however, it gives me solution to the emotion. I am now aware which colour is right and walking tall knowing I look good with my colour. At least I know that I look pleasant for other people to look at! It is such a confidence elevation!

The importance of fashion & style allows me to be completely aware of my body shape. We always fall for a nice outfit that looks great on a model or mannequin, but not realising the fashion is not actually our personality and style. With the guidance from the e-book on fashion & style, we definitely save the money from purchasing a wrong line of clothing!

From inside out, there is somewhere to start from. It is totally up to me, and I choose to get help to make myself feel good. Every woman should do this too!”

The session with Geeva was amazing. She made me feel comfortable, warm and her explanations were easy and practical to apply. She has guided me to dress for my personality. I feel like a brand new woman today, not forgetting very confident and stylish too.

These are the changes to my daily appearance after my consultation with Geeva.

1.  I take a few minutes to think about the color to mix and match my daily outfit. Most importantly I understand that the “hijab” color must be a perfect match to my skin tone as it is very close to my face.

2.  I feel more confident in putting on some colors that I hardly put on before.

3.  It gives me a sense of excitement every time I go out, when I can select and play more with the color and my existing outfits. I take a lot effort to ensure that that I apply a minimum amount of makeup which at the end of the day enlightens my features, body and giving me that extra boost of confidence.

4.  Color swatches are definitely a big help when I am in doubt of the color- to use or buy. I also realized that using the correct colors make me look fresh instantly.

5.  My existing wardrobe selection has 80% of the color that I can wear and matches me after the color coding session. Not much to throw or to replace. Most of what I reorganize are the “hijab” as the selections are more critical in terms of color and materials.

6.  I would like to spend more on accessories in the near future as I recently changed the way I put my “hijab”, perhaps more of bangles, cuffs and ring.




Shuhada Hasim
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