19248228_m-(1)What Is a Portrait Photograph?
A portrait photograph accentuates the YOU that needs to be seen! The YOU that speaks your character and attitude! A dimensional contour that embodies your nature, and gives you the sense of confidence for whatever purpose it may be.

Why Do You Need A Good Portrait Photograph?
A Photograph of you, truly speaks a thousand words. The smile in your eyes, and the happiness which is enlightened through your cheekbones, and the sense of professionalism that embodies the character, your hairstyle and smile would define the person you are. An image of a person, particularly your face is an important factor in determining your character, personality and attitude.

Does Your Profile Photo Truly Define You?
Most often than not, people tend to take profile photos that does not necessary define them as an individual. Be it for work purposes, applying for a job, business profiles or simply for social media, sometimes a profile photo of you could be sending signals that you are not aware of.

The last thing you want is your employer assuming that you are a complete different character to the real person behind the frame, which may be a detriment to you in the first place.
As your profile photo is confined in a dimensional box, you may think you are limited to show your true self, but in fact there is an abundance of features you can portray!

Wear clothes that embodies your character (Strong, Confident, Friendly, etc), make-up plays an important role in enhancing your natural glow, creating a more confident you, and hair styles that truly brings out your important features on your face which of course makes you confident at the end of the day.

A Good Portrait Photograph is important to truly define your values and aspirations you have as a person and the character and attitude you have that makes you special and different than any other! Always remember, first impression counts and A Picture Paints a Thousand Words!