Communication at the Workplace

Never knew online training can be so fun and learnable. Learned so much and in every module, we have new tools to use. The session was very impactful and made communication easy to understand. Geeva tells stories that relate to real-life experiences!

Customer Experience with Social IQ

The training was interactive with many online training tools use. There was no dull moment. Love Geeva’s voice and the way she articulated. She made online learning fun.

Build a Stronger Workplace Relationship

The trainer’s personality and charisma were amazing. The sessions were way practical for us to implement immediately and this will reflect in a more positive work environment.

Professional Image

I love this program because now I know how to dress professionally. Madam Geeva had a very good command of her subject matter. She made the session very interactive by picking out relatable examples and involving the participation of everyone in the classroom.

Managing People

The course gives a basic understanding of how to interact with colleagues at work. It helps me understand my colleagues better and how to effectively communicate with them. The trainer connected at an individual level and I thought she was a psychologist or...