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As we moved towards a more educated community, we gradually learn how important an eco-system is, and how it benefits us as a whole. What better way to introduce to you “Organic Products”. It is definitely not an alienated term to all of us, as we are shown advertisements and marketing tools how utilising organic products on our face, hair, skin or even consuming one is beneficial therefore an healthier option. But how do we know if a product is truly organic or otherwise?

Current products in the market are now readily selling all sorts of organic products to consumers. As consumers, it is vital that we know our products and what we are purchasing.

Organic vs. Certified Organic
ectaa-makeupBefore we move on to specifics, do you know the difference of organic and certified organic?

Organic is derived from a living matter and denoting to compounds containing carbon.
Certified Organic on the other hand relates to an organic product that is certified by a governing body or an association.

Are You Sure Your Shampoo is actually Certified Organic?
We are walking down lanes of shampoo and skin cares, ranging from almond oil, coconut oil to goats milk. Most of them mention the fact that they are organic, and better some are actually certified organic. As a consumer, with a bit of extra budget in hand, we would want to invest in something better! Of course we are picking the certified organic one.

You share this amazing product with your friends, and one of them just happens to know what certified organic actually really is! Giving you disappointing news, your friend says, “This is not a certified organic product! You’ve got yourself some compounds of organic and chemical substances”. This is the case that happens to most of us, and we rarely even take the time to distinguish these important differences, and we spend a lot investing in a product which is not worth the initial amount.

Most products that tells us they are organic, actually contains organic compounds. But what we fail to realise, that these organic products also contain chemical substances to support the ingredient. Producers of such have taken the easier method of producing a cheap organic product that makes it more appealing to the average working age group who would purchase it anyway. These chemical products can be found in other commercialised shampoos, but probably the doses are far much lesser in organic ones.

If you are willing to take that, then it is your choice otherwise go for the alternative which is certified.

ectaa-skincarePurchasing a product with certified logos guarantees you that the product you purchase are certified organic. Here are some regulatory bodies that certifies the organic products:- USDA; NASSA ; ACO ; ECO CERT; OFC ; NATRUE ; BIOGRO ; VEGAN

When a product is certified organic, it means every single thing is taken into consideration, to the point of planting the seed and packaging it. The soil that grows the seed does not contain any chemical influences to promote the growth of the plant. Everything is organic, and nothing is chemically or bio-chemically infused. The formulation of the product is free of any contaminant and no such inducement of any particular substances. You can view many products on shelf that may have a certified organic logo, but most of them do not include a logo of the certifying body to illustrate that it is a certified organic product.

So the next time when you purchase a product, if it has a sticker or logo saying it is certified organic without the name of the certifying body, then it could contain a substance that is definitely not an organic one.

Why do we encourage certified organic products for a better you?
In today’s world, we are being faced with many chemical inducements and substances around. From sun rays, car smokes, airwave from the air conditioner, the heat from a microwave oven, to facing pressure and stresses from daily life routine, our skin, hair and health are being compromised.

Why consume more chemicals when we are already absorbing them in our day to day lives? Make it better by using certified organic products. It will benefit us as a whole, and naturally provides us with the intended minerals and vitamins that we truly need. 60% to 70% what we put on our skin, are absorbed into our bloodstream and then into our organs. Therefore choosing the right product is important our over general and overall well being.

Why World Organic?
If you are seriously interested with the well-being of your skin and health, than consider organic
• Kind to the Environment – products are certified organic.
• Free of Synthetic Chemicals – certified organic products don’t contain chemicals which are harmful to the body. They are wholly natural, derived from earth.
• Good for You and Your Skin – every plant is a medicine therefore our body will respond to restoration and regenerative processes.

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Super Critical Extraction
World Organic is a pioneer in the use of supercritical extraction technology. This technology is a breakthrough in herbal extraction; it allows to get the maximum nutritional and beauty benefits of the whole plant – literally thousands of important compounds – and not just an isolated chemical constituent.
Super-critical extraction allows to deliver products skin with the full spectrum (and benefits) of nature’s powerful phyto-nutrient.

The World Organic products not only smell, look and feel great they also offer high in quality product, therapeutic, organic skincare.

Naturally Active Ingredients
• No Animal Testing
• No Chemical Sunscreens
• No Mineral Oils
• No Genetically Engineered Ingredients

World Organic Products
World Organic introduces two skincare brands; River Veda and The Organic Skin Co. are the first fully fledged organic brands focusing on super-critical extraction ingredients, which harness nature’s most powerful plant extractions for their revolutionary therapeutic benefits for your skin and well-being.
Both certified organic by Biogro and utilize organic, super critical plant ingredients for true therapeutic potency.

The Inner & Outer Image Expert – We Care
Going back to nature, it is our responsibility to feed you nature’s best and what’s better than starting it here with us!
As your personal and trusted image branding companion, we would recommend that you employ a product as such that could bring the best in you thus building you towards a more confident individual.

 We at Ectaa are supporting World Organic products that are certified organic by BioGro, USDA, Vegan and other supporting regulatory bodies.We not only care about your outer beauty and personal image branding, we care for you totally – Geeva, Ectaa.

ectaa-website-flowerAsk us about certified World Organic Body Care, Skin Care and Makeup which is suitable for all gender, babies and pregnant mothers

Article source – Megan Doughlas, Founder of World Organics New Zealand