Why World Organic?
If you are seriously interested with the well-being of your skin and health, than consider organic
• Kind to the Environment – products are certified organic.
• Free of Synthetic Chemicals – certified organic products don’t contain chemicals which are harmful to the body. They are wholly natural, derived from earth.
• Good for You and Your Skin – every plant is a medicine therefore our body will respond to restoration and regenerative processes.

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Super Critical Extraction
World Organic is a pioneer in the use of supercritical extraction technology. This technology is a breakthrough in herbal extraction; it allows to get the maximum nutritional and beauty benefits of the whole plant – literally thousands of important compounds – and not just an isolated chemical constituent.
Super-critical extraction allows to deliver products skin with the full spectrum (and benefits) of nature’s powerful phyto-nutrient.

The World Organic products not only smell, look and feel great they also offer high in quality product, therapeutic, organic skincare.

Naturally Active Ingredients
• No Animal Testing
• No Chemical Sunscreens
• No Mineral Oils
• No Genetically Engineered Ingredients

World Organic Products
World Organic introduces two skincare brands; River Veda and The Organic Skin Co. are the first fully fledged organic brands focusing on super-critical extraction ingredients, which harness nature’s most powerful plant extractions for their revolutionary therapeutic benefits for your skin and well-being.
Both certified organic by Biogro and utilize organic, super critical plant ingredients for true therapeutic potency.

The Inner & Outer Image Expert – We Care
Going back to nature, it is our responsibility to feed you nature’s best and what’s better than starting it here with us!
As your personal and trusted image branding companion, we would recommend that you employ a product as such that could bring the best in you thus building you towards a more confident ectaa-website-flowerindividual. We not only care about your outer beauty and personal image branding, we care for you totally – Geeva, Ectaa

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Contents Credit to Megan Douglas, Founder of World Organic, New Zealand