Birthdays remind us that we’re growing older, they tell us how far we’ve come in life.

Just like for others it was a special day for me, celebrating how much I have grown in the past year.

Pssst …. No, I was not referring to the weight I have gained but rather life lessons.

🎂 It was an accelerating year in terms of career expansion and learning to step up, especially in technology. There was no waiting game!

🎂 It was a year I made a stronger presence online, versus just an offline presence. This is something I was contemplating for years. Despite everybody telling me to go for it, I was stuck with “What if I fool myself online? Or What would people say about me? “. I was worried about others earlier than recognizing my strength.

🎂It was a year I learned that although the world is moving at a high speed, some things required patience and some things require persistence. That’s the only way to win and earn things in life.

🎂I took an interest in new local foody places. I went to more than 30 new places to wine and dine. In the early days, I would only go to a new place to eat when somebody invites me. I decided to lead than just follow!

🎂It was a year I learned that life is short and simple, let’s not complicate things. The death and suicide of friends gave me a harsh slap on my face to live in the moment and complain less.

🎂It was a year I realized, I do not need many necessities to survive. I always had enough but was never really able to see it in past.

🎂I became more glued to Netflix and never felt guilty watching Squid in one sitting. I call that testing my weak heart to be stronger even in the deadliest situation. 😁

I reflect on my life habits and practices every once a year.

It allows me to do a self-check, areas where I am progressing and areas that I am slacking plus an opportunity to re-wire and replace habits and practices.

What about you … do you do a self-check?