The thought of talking to a stranger will always be stilted, awkward, and unpleasant.

This includes what am I going to say, how do I connect with the person, or what if I got rejected.

But, do you agree every friend started as a stranger? Every new connection was a stranger before you call him/her a friend.

Being an extrovert person, I connect with people easily, especially during long travels. Meeting new people, enquiring about things keeps the travel alive and not lonely.

I somehow think everybody we meet in the social network is also a stranger until we discover:

✅ Conversation Enjoyment

✅ Interpersonal Liking

✅ Conversational Ability

This is how it got started with Eze and me. We are two strangers in a social platform that brought us to a friendly and comfortable virtual meet-up.

Research says happy people are highly social and tend to have strong relationships and socializing is one of the most positive everyday activities; this even includes with strangers.

This is easy for the extroverts, but how about for the introverts?

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