In traditional Chinese medicine, distilling a snake’s “essence” into wine is said to cure everything from rheumatism to hair loss.

That’s exactly what my friend needed during her visit to Thailand.

She bought a bottle of traditional medicine and consumed it for over a year.

She was feeling all healthy and energized, with no more body aches.

While waiting for a fresh snake essence wine bottle to arrive, she decided to clear the snake from the bottle. She did not feel comfortable disposing of the bottle with the snake inside there.

To her surprise and shock, it was a rubber snake that came out of the bottle and not a real snake soaked in wine.

She felt cheated, not true … she was fooled!

(I laughed when she shared her experience, I thought it was hilarious)

Lesson learned …..

It’s mind over matter. Your mind is more powerful than what you give credit for. Never undermine them!

My friend thought the snake wine was healing her, but in reality, it was her belief that was healing her. It’s a placebo effect.

Additionally …

🐍 If in doubt, ask, clarify and check. Do not take things at face value. Sometimes we know people are lying but we still compromise to believe there is some truth to what the other person is saying without checking.

🐍 Pick up the signals from the other person, if there is any truth in the conversation. The body always gives away the signals. Be observant as liars exist! #socialintelligence

The fact remains, that getting fooled is no fun.

Best Regards,

Geeva Samynathan

Snake in a bottle