The clothes we wear change the way we perform, hence it is always good to “dress the part”.

Professional actors wear the right clothes and that transforms the actor into the character!

Did you ever notice that when President Barack Obama addresses a crowd of working-class Americans, he would speak with no jacket and his sleeves rolled up? That silently and instantly communicated to the audience that he too was a hard worker.

Whether we like it or not, our clothes and our communication brings volumes about a person, it brings out the character.

Therefore, we need to recognize when two people dress the same, it is truly not the same.

We can never copy or clone another person’s style, as each individual is unique.

Best to be original as personal styling is not just about dressing, it equally brings out our character too.

People judge us from many aspects, dressing and character is just another form.

How do you judge people?

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