Neck Ties Are Important for Men When Going For an Interview

An Outstanding Resume and Great Portfolio needs to be matched with a Perfect Looking Attire and a matching necktie.Why do MEN find it difficult to pick a matching tie? They don’t have a problem in choosing the right shirt, right shoe, right belt….Tips to Consider for an Interview – A Perfect Necktie

  • Statement – It should not attract too much information but should be firm statement that you are ready for the position
  • Colour – Dark red and dark blue are good colours for job interviews. Bright colours are suitable to be used when you get the job
  • Design – Avoid flashy designs on your tie to distract the interviewer. Subtle designs are suitable for job interviews
  • Matching – Make sure the tie matches the shirt
  • Price – An interview tie need not be expensive. How it looks and represents on you is more important