I was totally mesmerized by the lights, gold statues, decorations, people, their clothes, languages, and the silent practice around the temple.

I could not take my eyes away from the Thanaka paste applied to the people’s faces and arms. I wanted one too 🙂

Staring blankly at the monks, their devotions, and their practice of meditation and chanting made me wonder about their lives.

I kept silent and continued taking some photos and enjoying the serenity.

Deeper in those moments of silence I wished I could come close and take a photo with a Monk.

Obviously, I did not have the courage to ask, I just sat in silence.

Suddenly a Monk came by surprise and held my hand with a big smile. She was warm and gentle, very motherly and she stirred that feeling that I can never explain. We did not speak the same language but her hug and smile were all that one needed.

💜 It felt like a mother‘s love, as she knew what I wanted and made me very special.

💜 They never fail to create magic and miracles in our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day 🌸

Throwback: Shwedagon Temple in Yangon, Myanmar in 2015