Making new friends can be intimidating, but it’s rewarding.

Some of the habits of people who make friends easily.

👬People who make friends easily are usually confident and communicative. They have less negative self-talk. They normally smile first — and often say hello first.

👭People who make friends easily make it a point to minimize screen time and live in the present. They rather call.

👬People who make friends easily can make new people feel at ease through the way they talk to them. They talk to new people as if they were already good friends.

👭They’re naturally curious about other people and aren’t afraid to ask questions. They look for things in common to keep the conversation going.

👬Try new things in life to make new friends: For instance, if you like hiking, join a hiking group.

👭They set the intention to make new friends. If we want to make friends, then open that door to possible connections and friendships.

That’s exactly what I did 4 weeks ago.

I felt it was time to meet some new friends and continue to indulge in things that excite me.

I left a message in a common social media group and asked, “I want to go hiking and who wants to join me?

15 new strangers responded and said,” I will walk/ hike with you Geeva.”

I have 15 new friends now and we had 3 hikes together since then.

We do not need to be a certain “type” of person to make friends easily.

Anyone can do it.

We just need these habits in our daily life, daily routine, then making new friends can come easily.

How have you been meeting new friends outside your routine circle?

📸15 new friends, Kiara Trail Hike

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