Do you know a toxic person that dust you with their poison?

Most people have known or worked with (or even been related) to someone who just seemed to spread negativity everywhere. Imagine a colleague at work who constantly complains about people or new work policies.This person can never appreciate anything and never hesitates to talk about it. This toxic people can be difficult and draining your energy.

What happens to you after speaking to a toxic person?

Your mood will probably be lower after speaking to people with these behavior’s

  • You always have to solve or fix their problems
  • You need to be a protector or covering up for them
  • You drag yourself to see them and feel drained after seeing them
  • You get into an emotion when you are with them – angry, sad, irritated or depressed
  • You too end up gossiping
  • They are drama queens: its all about them, their needs and their problems
  • They are self centered and not attentive person: does not listen and keeps interrupting

And typically, they are people who comes out as judgment, criticism or gossip. According to them, everyone else is awful, uncool or lacking in some way. The good part is once all their negative thoughts and negative energy has been offloaded to another person, they would be cheerful and seem to be happy at least for a while.

What happens to you? You become slow in progress, your decisions could be impacted, you might feel sad, uncomfortable and sometimes feel ashamed of your own progress and well-being. All these could happen to you even without you realizing.

How to Deal with Toxicity

The key to coping with toxic people in your life is to distance your contact with them instead of separation. Once you learn not to absorb their negativity, coping with them becomes easy.

  • Accept who they are and distancing yourself from them is a progress
  • You don’t owe them any explanation but you can tell them less of their negativity is what you welcome
  • See them in public places – if you don’t like what you hear, its easier to walk away
  • Block them on social media, say you are planning to be less active
  • Don’t get into an argument but set your boundaries
  • Don’t play dump deaf and continue to sit there pretending to listen!

Finally it is a decision you have to a make internally not to create space for toxic people. The choice of letting go toxic people is not an act of cruelty; its merely an act of self care and self comfort.

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