I texted the wrong man!

In a normal scenario, I would have gotten a mini heart attack when I send a text to the wrong person and they have read it.

This time it was different, I texted Benny.

Geeva: Hey Benny. I need a haircut and color. My recent hair cut not so nice la, maybe too short.

Benny: I change to Schnauzer or Poodle cut la, for you.

Geeva: (silent and confused)

Benny: when do you want to come?

Geeva: hmmm you must be joking

(I was seriously annoyed and thought my hairdresser is very rude. I was about to text him to say, it’s not funny and I am very unhappy with what you did with my hair)

I kept my phone aside for a moment but then decided to check if I texted the correct Benny.

You see, I have two Benny in my contact list. One is Benny my hairstylist and the other is Benny’s Dog Groomer

(Alright you may laugh, roll at my expense… when you are done, please continue reading )

Oh no! I texted my Benny Dog Groomer

So, Benny Dog Groomer is right, and I was wrong but he knows I have a Dobbie (Doberman Mixed Breed), and not those tiny little dogs.

Whatever said, I was wrong

The good part of this whole short chat was, lucky I was not too quick to jump to conclusions and scolded Benny Dog Groomer.

In every situation, if we want to do a check and balance, my take would be to check the self first then the balance happens naturally!


In the end, we both laughed it off, but it got me thinking about how I could have ruined our friendship due to my carelessness.

Similarly at the workplace, if we don’t know something it’s best to ask, or if we are not sure of something best to clarify.

It helps build trust and bonding.