Boy: Geeva, I am so unhappy with my manager. I somehow do not agree with his views and sometimes he likes to keep digging and digging.

Geeva: Have you tried talking to him?

Boy: It makes no difference, and I don’t want to step into his zone.

Geeva: But you are so unhappy and keep talking about it all the time. You are surely unhappy and offended.

Boy: Forget it, he better not cross my zone!

Geeva: But he is your manager, Boy.

Some things just don’t have to get too complicated, agree?

If we are unhappy, just ask for clarification.

✅The person may have his / her reason for saying such things

✅ The person may have meant something else, and we may have assumed otherwise

✅That’s how the person speaks/manage, but the intention could be harmless

✅Pick up the non-verbal cues and tone, maybe it is just how the person speaks unless the person is stonewalling ( that’s another scenario then)

✅Could it be possible the manager assumed we agreed to his views as well?

💥 Sometimes we just got to remember, the workplace is a place to find ways to work with each regardless we fancy or less fancy the person’s behavior, friendship will follow true and the job must be done.

Confronting someone in an assertive but kind matter that doesn’t have to be scary.

We might find that others welcome our input and agree to create positive change.

Did my friend Boy change? No, he has been a complainer until today, and sometimes I find less value in spending time with Boy.

Am I wrong to conclude the Boy is with the problem and not the manager?

#communciation #workplacewellbeing