shoesWe know the importance of choosing the right pair of shoes, how it should complement the heels, sole thickness, your toe shape and vamp. It is vital to take all these into consideration when find a perfect shoe.

But wait! There is more! It is not just about the outer perspective of a shoe, but a shoe has its voice of its own, and it is your job to listen and examine it carefully before even considering that that shoe is the choice for you!

Shoes For What? Shoes for Whom?

There are many types of shoes. There are running shoes, dancing shoes, casual shoes, shoes for work, fashion statement shoes, and the list goes on. You would need to have in mind what is your purpose of buying a shoe and for what occasion. Once you have established the purpose of your shoe, then it will be much easier for you to decide on the rest of the details.


A material in a shoe concludes the level of comfort. It is advised to choose a shoe which is made of leather entirely as it allows for your feet room for comfort, and stays cool. Other than its durability effects and long lasting element, it also gives you a finesse look. However, if you are looking for a shoe that you are most probably going to be wearing it once or twice, then the material is not a factor for you in deciding the most comfortable footwear.


A stitch of a shoe balances the feet and also providing comfort. You would have to make sure the stitching both top and sole are evenly placed. It is also important to make sure the welt where the sole is properly stitched to the upper runs all around the shoe. The construction of the shoe is crucial as it allows for constant flow of air through the shoe, so the stitch should be aligned properly.


You do not want to be sit walking or waltzing unevenly! Hence, the level of the shoe should sit flat on the floor and are of the same height. Sometimes some shoes are manufactured disproportionately so you have to wear the shoe before purchasing it to make sure.


Heels, the projection of the back of a shoe, which also means the backbone of the shoe, which holds you upright, a more slender built, and angles your walking structure, is therefore important! Make sure heels are placed accordingly, with the same level!


Do you know that the toes of the shoe should not be flat? A good shoe will have a little lift in the toe about the size of a pencil.

So What Have We Learned?

Every inch of your feet should be considered and looked into carefully. Your feet are the silent silhouette of your character that embodies your personality that shouts about you. Therefore, you would want them to be noticed in the best way possible. Look in the foot mirror to ensure the shoe looks good on you, and brings out your color! Remember, just as Cinderella finds her glass slippers important in determining her true self, you need the perfect shoes to showcase your extraordinary amazing YOU!