ShoesAs women, we are always in love with shoes. Whether you like or not, whenever we walk by a shoe boutique, our heads would immediately turn to that direction. Shoes are every   woman’s best friend, as it brings out the desired posture of a lady and it also states an assertion of what a woman says or think.

A shoe itself is a piece of art, in which every aspect of a shoe defines a lady as the shoe contains a very thin but useful piece of information about the woman.

So what is it about a shoe that is so important, that you need to take notice of? Let us go step by step of every aspect of a shoe and you will see just how crucial it is when it comes to choosing the perfect shoe for yourself.

Sole Thickness
Start by thinking of the purpose of you wearing that particular shoe. Are your going for a business meeting? Or perhaps to a cafe nearby to grab a cuppa? Either way, know your purpose and choose the right thickness of your sole. Consider a thicker sole of the shoe if you are looking for something casual, but look for something average if you are wearing it for a business purpose. Always try to get something that is not so extravagant, as very thick soles will not be in fashion for long.

Heel Height
The height of a heel is something women would tend to give a bit more attention to. The perception is the higher the height of the heels, the slimmer and perkier a woman would look! In fact, the higher the heels are, the more elongated your legs look and giving you the appearance of thinner ankles. Lower heels maintain a truer body appearance whilst giving you that satisfaction of wearing a beautiful pair of heels.

Heel Shape
The best and ideal look for your leg would be the classic style where the heels are neither too thick nor too thin. The classic style heels would eloquently elongate your figure and your image. Very thick or very thin heels could be   worn, but it depends on how comfortable are you with it, as body weight, place, environment and location would be taken into consideration when deciding. More often than not, it is always the factor of whether or not you are willing to spend to have a collection of different type of heels.

Toe Shape
Do you know toe shapes also play a role in determining the kind of outlook you wish to portray? Yes every toe shape sends different signals and forms an appearance of you. To spell authority in your image, square toes are the way to go which gives you a heavy appearance, with a strict outlook. Or do you fancy to appear knowledgeable, confident and illustrating that image of managing others and able to take on responsibility? Try on wide points which exemplifies a classic nature yet authorious.
Wanting to be that awesome New Yorker Carrie Bradshaw strutting her way down the streets of NY? Wear those thin and long points which suggests sexiness, playfulness and glamorous! Not looking for anything posh or excessive then the best thing to wear is the rounder toes shoe that implies friendliness.

The front opening of the shoe where your foot slides in is called the vamp. Wear a closed vamp if you prefer your foot not to be shown or otherwise. But remember, a low vamp would give the appearance of longer legs!

What’s Next?
We have learnt about the aspects of a shoe! Now, the next part is finding the right shoe style for you! We will discuss about that in part two of this article!