They may seemingly look ignorant but they pick every little ques from the adults.

Over the weekend, I was out doing my regular grocery shopping.

While waiting in the queue to pay for bread, I overheard a conversation between a Mother and Son.

Son: (He was holding 2 tongs in each hand) Mom, this is the clean tong and this is the dirty tong. I dropped it on the ground. What shall I do with it?

Mom: Arr

Son: Shall I return it to the counter and let them know this tong is dirty?

Mom: Yes, please do that

Children follow the behaviors, values, honesty, respect, and kindness they learn from home, hence the adults play a lifelong role in teaching them.

Decent human beings need all this, the same value they would carry to the workplace and society.

Think about some of the values that you want to leave behind for others, it is almost like a legacy.